November 15,2020

Nov 15, 2020

As I take this journey to a new me, I have had to fight some obstacles along the way.  The biggest one is my husband, he likes to be called Gio, even I to call him Gio. (GeeOh).  

Gio tells me he is on my side when it comes to the weight loss but he is not.  He fears that I will leave him once the weight is off.  He does things to sabotage my progress and it just makes me so mad that I cannot stand being around him.  He will come home with fast food and ice cream telling me I don't have to cook for the night.  I tell him right out to STOP! But he does not.  I have been doing a liquid diet for breakfast and lunch and then a very small dinner.  My dietian wants me to do 60 to 90 grams of protein a day so I supplement my meals with protein shakes.  They are expensive so I buy enough to get me through the week.  Right away I found out that I was running short only to find that Gio was drinking them like soda and using it as a beverage with his meals.  He is as skinny as a string bean but he wanted to use them for weight control.  How do you tell him he cannot touch the stuff.  I now buy the stuff by the case loads.

I have found that if I add electrolytes and some protein powder to my water it keeps me fuller and I am not hungry between meals or during the day.  Only to find him digging into that.  There is nothing sacred . 

This is going to be a terrible thing to say but I am being honest here, I don't even want him to take me to the hospital the day of surgery.  5 years ago I had to have thyroid cancer surgery.  He took me and instead of listening to the Doctor and after care instructions he wasted her time by telling her how she should have preformed the surgery.   Mind you, he is an accountant.  

I have alot of things to work on before December 3, 2020.  I pray that God is with me the whole way.  All for now.


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