October 10, 2022

Oct 10, 2022

It's been better the last couple of weeks as I've been seeing the effects of my efforts.  Even went "shopping" and played in the clothes to see what size actually fits me.  As expected, it is all over the place as designers cut and size things so differently.  But with at least a couple of them, the large was too large, but for most the large was about right.  Fun to see the progress.

I booked my flight to Italy for next April--thinking of retiring there, so figured I needed to start looking around.  I splurged on the business class as one flight is 10 hours!  My feet swell just thinking about it.  So yet another reason to stay on track and start building up my feet and leg strength--lots of walking ahead.

I debated making some low calorie pumpkin muffins for my birthday.  I may still make them, but I decided to not do it for my birthday.  I want to separate milestones from food.  Not that holidays will ever be, but I need other ways to mark milestones without food (especially baked goods--one of my weakness!).  So maybe for Thanksgiving.  Or just because I'm want to bake muffins for people.  My go to is to take the baked goods to work--they polish them off pretty quickly.

I am now half way to my goal and should be under 200 in a month or so. 

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