November 10, 2023

Nov 10, 2023

I am now 18 years out from my RNY and am at my surgery goal weight.  Not quite at my goal weight--which is more about clothes size than weight, because I have clothes I want to fit more comfortably.  But I am comfortably hanging around this weight.  I did regain weight and have to lose it again, but I was able to in a way I never could prior to surgery.  The management of obesity as a disease continues

I have been dealing with "burning tongue syndrome" for a couple of months now and a gradual loss of taste.  Oddly enough, that makes me want to eat more, not less.  I keep trying to find something that will make me feel satisfied.  For a while I could taste strong salty or strong sweet, but now even that is mostly gone.  Fruit was one of the first things to go off--it literally tasted as if it were moldy.  Well, that and wine, which tasted hot and peppery.  I've gotten a referral to a rheumatologist to test for Sjogren's syndrome (as I have several of the symptoms but just chalked them up to old age!).  Just something to be managed not cured--like so many things.  I am taking additional vitamins in part for the tongue, but also because I know I'm not getting enough nutrients in what I'm eating.  So in addition to the standard calcium, B12, and vitamin D, I've added omega 3 (dry eyes), magnesium, iron, and zinc.  I am now one of those old people with the daily pill dispenser! 

I need to stop eating my wonderful popcorn as well due to Sjogrens as the dry mouth creates gum issues and popcorn kernels exacerbate that.  I did get a water pik on the recommendation of the periodontist, and that seems to help.

I’m hoping I will get my taste back soon—and have noticed my sense of smell is diminishing as well—and I’m having friends over for Thanksgiving!  It would be nice to be able to season things appropriately!  At the start of my weight loss journey, I knew I needed to address my psychological as well as physical relationship to food, and I guess this is the most extreme aspect of that.  When all pleasure from food is gone, what is its role?  The communal and relational aspects of food remain, even if I can’t taste anything.  If I’m only cooking for nutritional reasons for myself (well, maybe also texture), what opportunities does that open up?  Will I be able to handle Brussel sprouts? (which I actually can’t stand).Get my green veggies in for a change?  Maybe I can try some protein drinks again—those used to taste awful to me. 

Anyway, the saga continues.




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