October 12, 2022

Oct 12, 2022

I've been following a 16 hour fast model with reduced calories with success, but found my "too restrictive" spot last night!  I thought I'd try the 18 hour fast as I am usually closer to 17 or 17 and a half comfortably.  But I was also restricting my calories a bit more.  Well, last night I was actually hungry for the first time--to the point I didn't think I'd sleep well or be able to make it to lunch the next day.  So I had a small meal, which took care of it.  Now I know I need to keep the calories a touch higher--still focused on protein and fiber. 

And I'd rather go over a 16 hour fast than not make an 18 hour one.  I don't like finishing dinner by 6:00, which is what I have to do if I only eat between noon and 6:00.  And noon works a lot better for me than1:00 for lunch.  So live and learn :)  I need a habit that is sustainable and an 8 hour eating window is easier than a 6 hour.  It takes me too long to eat, especially dinner to be done by 6:00! 

In today's paper there was an interesting article about the size of one's fat cells and that even moderate exercise can reduce them.  Smaller cells are healthier.  I know once you have a fat cell, it doesn't actually go away when you lose weight--without surgery or liposuction.  But this research was showing you could reduce their size even without losing weight through even moderate exercise.  So I need to get the extra fat out of them and then 'tone' them with exercise! 

I hate exercise--even when I was swimming regularly, doing the stationary bike daily, etc.  Never felt that great feeling, feeling strong, etc. that others claim.  Always felt like a chore, necessary, feet hurt, etc. But I have at least started to get up after lunch and walk around the building.  Just 15 minutes, but at least I'm moving.  Will have to work on this, especially with winter coming.  I still have my good stationary bike downstairs.  Sigh.  But I need to get the walking down as I know there will be tons in Italy:)

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