November 10th, 2022

Nov 10, 2022

It has been a tough few weeks, feeling stuck with the weight loss going up and down but not really getting lower.  Then I had two out of town trips for work back to back.  They probably were a good thing as they got me out of my rut.  Because most of the meals were not completely within my control--other people chosing the places and none of them really "healthy"--I was able to focus on portion control rather than calorie content.  And here's where again I think the RYN is a great tool--I get full faster, have to eat slower, and my nose starts to run if I have even one bite too many!  So the portion control is easier; my body lets me know. 

It was more difficult getting back on track with the fasting schedule (simply too awkward to deal with traveling).  But I did this past Sunday to Monday, so I am pleased with that.  I have to have a way of eating that is sustainable--which includes travel, holidays, special occassions, etc.--and still be able to return to a more intentional way of eating. 

Even with all the dismay and disruption, I've lost ten pounds this month.  So I am still  on track.  Today I have an appointment with my doctor to refill my blood thinner med, which will be the first since this year.  So it will be interesting to see what the number is on his scale.  I expect it to be higher as it will be later in the afternoon after a day of water and lunch. 


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