November 14, 2022

Nov 14, 2022

I had my yearly check in and blood work done last week, and I had to laugh a bit at myself.  My doctor didn't say anything about my 75ish pound weight loss.  I was disappointed!  But then again, he has never said anything about my weight--even as it was going up.  All my vitals are good, so it isn't that it was affecting my health in that way.  Good cholesterol, good blood pressure, no pre-diabeties, etc.

I listen to a podcast, Maintanance Phase, that is all about the wellness industry and the habit of connecting weight to health simply isn't supported by the scientific studies and in ways that promot discrimination against obese people.  And here I was, linking my own weight loss to medical care (if not health) but my doctor wasn't.  Good for him.  In truth, I think I just wanted some affirmation--I know I'm healthy in those key ways. More about ego than health! 


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