January 1, 2023

Jan 01, 2023

Happy New Year! 

While I almost made my weight goal of under 200 for Jan. 1st, (200.6), I did keep my more important goal of behavioral/eating changes for the year.  In the long run, that is more important.  But I won't deny the power of the number.  I had to stop weighing as often because that number didn't align with the effort.  So I now have another 42 lbs. I need to lose, and I know it will probably be much slower, so I've got to get my head around the behavior.  I won't lie and say vanity doesn't play a role in my motivation--I want to wear better clothes and look good in them--as well as health and how I present and take up space in this world.  So while the behavior is the foundation, the weight is the visible evidence. 

I have a couple of other new year goals that align with the weight loss.  One is more about physicality--being able to get out of a chair without using my arms and being able to get up off the floor without it being a production!  I may start doing some yoga--a co-worker told me about a YouTuber she uses. 

I also need to get my walking up--I have a trip planned to Italy come April and that will require a lot of walking.  The weather being what it is (too d* cold) this year, doesn't help.  But I do have my stationary bike to start building some leg strength.

Only somewhat aligned, as it has to do with clothing, I want to focus my creativity away from cooking and towards sewing/knitting/etc. fashion.  I have signed up for a coat making class online, so that will be my first step.  It will include more of the tailoring skills than just sewing, so it will help me up my game and actually finish the project.  Bought a beautiful fushia cashmere and alpaca fabric for it.  Will line it with a printed silk crepe de chine--couldn't find a charmeuse I liked and wanted to pay for!  I tend to start projects--or at least by all the tools and supplies--but not finish them because they don't turn out right.  So no more of that!  I want to focus on treating it like a real project that can take the time it needs, be redone if needed, and be about the process as well as the product.  So I have this coat for spring and finishing the sweater I'm knitting now for fall.  I'll need to learn how to fit a pair of pants to go with it, so maybe that will be another class.  I'll be busy knitting and sewing so won't have time to worry about eating!

Will still, of course, cook and enjoy good foods--want to have a healthy relationship with food not fearful or foolish. Today for the new year, it is a new thing--roasted pheasant for dinner after a lunch of Hoppin' John--good luck for the new year.


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