Been a while

Feb 07, 2009

So... I have been insanely, unbelievably, superhumanly busy lately. School is crazy, and I'm starting to ramp up to apply to graduate school, so I've become somewhat obsessed with doing well in my classes. I got a 3.925 last quarter and I'm really hoping for the solid 4.0 this time around. So far so good!

Work is nuts too. I feel like I work a lot more than the 19 hours a week maximum. But hey, somebody's got to make that Internet!

Despite all that, my health is pretty good. I was taking my vitamins really good for a while there, and while I'm still a skosh low in D, B12, and Zinc, everything else looks good, even protein(!), and I'm down below 300. Heck yes, I've joined the Century Club! I've now lost 104 pounds since I started, with about another 125 or so to go before I could be happy with my weight.

Today I've decided to track what I eat. If I could make this a habit, it would be great, since I've been thinking about all the food I've eaten today in terms of "how much would it suck to write this down?"

For breakfast I had half a packet of sugar-free "apples and cinnamon" oatmeal, a slice of toast, a slice of bacon, and half an orange.

For lunch I had half a BLT sandwich on toast, a couple of barbecue chips, and the other half of that orange.

For dinner I'll probably have a salad but I don't know yet. But I promise to come edit this post after dinner.

So yeah, that's it. Hopefully next time I update won't be a month from now. I'll at least try to make it for my 6-month surgiversary on the 26th. :)


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