Ninja Blender

Jun 28, 2011

If you have had surgery and still drink your protein shakes to get your 80g of protein a day...........I saw a demonstration at Costco the other day of a blender called the Blendtek.  WOW.  It's the same blender they use at Starbucks to make their fraps.  Anyway, the blender is over 300.00.  Since I don't have 300 spare dollars to spend on a blender, I started shopping around.  I found a commercial blender, called the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 at Bed, Bath & Beyond for half the price.  Then, with my 20% of coupon that I get in the mail almost monthly from them, I paid just over 120.00 for this blender.  Let me tell of my best surgery related investments so far.  I drink coffee, love starbucks, now I make my own.  Did you know that whipped cream in the can is less than 1g of sugar?  heck yeah!  I make coffee, pour in my sugar free hazelnut creamer, one cup of ice, 2 scoops of protein powder @ 45g of protein and blend it all together.  Top it off with some whip cream from the can and walla!   Better than starbucks cuz now I am drinking my protein too!  anyway, just a tip if you like coffee.  I have a hard time getting in my protein cuz i hate the way the shakes taste.  They all taste too thick and they taste GROSS to me.  I have 50 lbs to go to my goal weight and I am struggling!  LOL.  Hopefully, this will boost me up!  :) Good luck ya'll.........


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