5 months post op

Dec 27, 2011

 So I am now 5 months out. I'm visiting family so not using my usual scale but I believe I now weigh193lbs but I will confirm that shortly. Delighted with that as it was my personal goal for Christmas to hit 196.  But more importantly are the NSV I have experienced in the last few days, to name just a few:
Comfortable airplane ride
Playing, running with my nephews
Dressing nicely in clothes I actually like
Getting on a bus and not feeling like everyone is staring at me
Sight seeing without breaks
Planning my day without it being around food
Being so much happier

I could continue, but I think that gives you an idea. I can not be more thankful for my success to far. I'm really enjoying the holidays and I hope everyone else is too. I will post pics when I am back home again. Happy new year everyone! Thank you again for your support xxx


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