Mar 09, 2010

OK, so I just had a major wow moment - I have 15 lbs to go until I reach my personal pie-in-the-sky goal weight! That's was like the ultimate "if I can really get what I want" wish.  Don't get me wrong - I have worked hard for it and it hasn't all been easy, but it has been SO worth it and I am so proud of myself!  I have lost 119 to date, which seriously BLOWS MY MIND.  I will set another goal to get to what my "ideal" weight should be, but if I get there within a year of my surgery or if I never get there, I've never been so close or proud of myself. 

I'm also adding another goal, which is to never gain it all back. I know that at times it is a struggle, but I have truly changed many (not all) of my ways and I have enough faith in myself that I can continue to live a more active lifestle and put more nutritious things into my body. I'm by no means perfect ( far from it), and I am starting to work through some of the psychological issues that got me to the place where I was before surgery now.  I was workign on it for a while before and immediately after my surgery, but I got very bsy at work and money was tight after having to pay my surgeon and anesthesiologist their fee after Insurance paid their share, so I'm am trying to get back on track as far as that goes.  This is truly the hard part, and I just try to keep a relatively hopeful outlook on all of that too.

Best to everyone, just had to share - 15 lbs away from my goal? Craziness. It hit me like a ton of bricks.  possibly the ton of bricks I've been carrying around for so long.


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