8 Month Weigh-In -182.9

Jan 26, 2015

Did my monthly weigh-in. -182.9 so far. Still a ways to go !


6-Month Weigh-In -159.5

Nov 19, 2014

Hi there,

      Thanksgiving day is actually my 6 month Surgiversary, but I hit my 1st goal 8 days early. I had my 6-month check up and my blood pressure was perfect (with no medication) and I have lost a total of 159.5 lbs so far. Still a ways to go but heading in the right direction.

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5 Months -141.5lbs

Oct 29, 2014

I did my monthly weigh-in on Monday. It was exactly 5 months since surgery. Down 141.5  .  Still a long way to go (only halfway actually) but getting there....


-127.9lbs 1 day shy of 4 months.

Sep 29, 2014

Hi everyone.

    As the title says, tomorrow will be 4 months since I had my surgery. I weighed in this morning and I have officially lost 127.9 lbs. Whether it was realistic or not, my goal has always been to lose 150 lbs in the first 6 months. I feel that is within striking distance at this point.  I know we aren't necessarily supposed to attach numbers to everything but, I confess, I do. :)

     It has been a whirlwind and I cannot believe how fast 4 months has gone by. I have gone through a lot of emotions (as I am sure everyone in this forum can relate to).

     I have received much support from the people on this website and I will be forever grateful for it. My plan is to keep losing and to stay as positive as I can, so that someday I may be able to help, encourage, and support people in here the same way I was!

     I know this journey is long and can be extremely trying, but I am already seeing positive results and it is very worth it. I will check in again next weigh in! Thanks again everybody. I could not do this without you!

Stephen :)


"TAGS" appearing on my posts

Sep 29, 2014

Hey everyone... Anyone have problems or notice that "tags" are appearing on their posts they were not originally there? For instance, on my last post, I put NO 'tags' on it and there are suddenly a bunch, including DS tags (which I didnt have)..  Any ideas???




As promised, Pics Posted....

Aug 12, 2014

I still cannot believe I actually posted these!!


Just posted the latest (after) picture alongside of the 4 day post-op picture. Still a long way to go.   Next Saturday will be my 4-month Surgiversary...  I will post the latest weigh-in then. Thanks again for all of the support and help through this trip!


Third Official Post-Op Weigh-In..SOOOO close !

Aug 12, 2014

Hi All, 

  I wanted to give everyone an update...... I went in for blood work and my monthly weigh-in and I dropped 27.6 this month.

My surgery was 11 weeks ago today and so far I am down 96.7 lbs so my goal of 100lbs in the first 3 months is within striking distance! I have 15 more days to lose 3.3 lbs to make it an even 100 ! As negative as I can be about myself....  Even I admit that should be very attainable! 

  Also, I have received a few PM's about pictures....  I suppose everyone here is not thrilled to be in front of a camera so I am not alone in that sense and since I feel I am amongst friends/peers, against my better judgement, I will post some pictures.... The MAIN reason I decided to do it is because I have had a few people tell me that it would be inspirational to others and it would be nice to see the progress... I do not see myself as 'inspirational' in ANY way shape or form but of the word, but as the cliche' goes, if it helps even one person, it is very worth it so I will get over my self consciousness and do it ....   Thanks for reading and have a great day everybody!





Jul 10, 2014

I had my 6-Week Post-Op appointment  / Weigh-In this morning.  The appointment with the surgeon went well as did the appointment with the nutritionist. It has been 6 weeks to the day since I had my surgery and I am down a total of 69.1 lbs....   (45.1 the first 2 weeks and 24.0 the last 4 weeks).....    Still a very long road ahead but glad to be on this side of things and headed in the right direction! Have a great day everyone!




AGAINST my better Judgement.............. :(

Jun 17, 2014

Hi All....  after my surgery on May 27th, I decided I was only going to weigh in at my first 2 post-op appointments (exactly 2 weeks post-op and then 6 weeks and 2 days post-op) and then monthly thereafter..........   Well, my first weigh in at the 2 week mark went well......Here lies the problem.....     2 days ago (Monday the 16th)  I had to do my bloodwork, and the lab is in the same building as the office for my surgeon and yes, the SCALE! Well, like a magnet, I ended up being drawn into the office after I did my blood-work and asked if I could weigh myself.....  I figured with the HUGE amount of weight I have to lose and the good start I had at my weigh-in last week, this should be a really big number... after all, it was just 1 day short of 3 weeks since I was on the Operating table!!!!     WRONG !!!!   I was only down 4.6lbs!!!    Now I realize a lot of you may think that might not be THAT bad... but look  at my weight!!!  4.6lbs is like tossing a deck chair off the Queen Mary to try to lighten its load!  I talked to a few people (friends/family, not OH members) and they said they were surprised it was so small of a number too..... so that fed into my nervousness.....  I have followed this eating program to the letter!  I have been tracking EVERYTHING. I have been between 40-60oz of liquids.....  350-550 calories.....  20-30gr of fat and 50-80gr of protein daily. I have even walked some. Not a lot but I am getting there....  My fear now is that somehow, am I the only one that this surgery is NOT going to work for??? I don't see how but this seems against the laws of physics....  Eating THAT little and losing THAT little at this size seems incomprehensible to me. Well, my next apt is July 10th and I am going nowhere near a scale until then. July 10th will be exactly 6 weeks and 2 days post-op. I WAS banking on a good loss (like my 2 week post-op on June 10th but now I am nervous about it instead).  I'm not in a full-on panic.. ((yet!))   but I am definitely concerned... this does not make sense to me....  I hope this is some anomaly instead of a failure of some sort.. Thanks for listening everybody Have a good day!!!  



Jun 10, 2014

Hello everyone. I suppose maybe the ONLY positive thing about weighing as much as a Subaru is the first weigh-in after surgery!  I had my first post-op appointment today with the Nutritionist and the P.A.    I lost 45lbs in the last 2 weeks!!!  My next appointment is exactly one month from today (with the surgeon)..... I am not expecting to keep up at this clip but hopefully it keeps going in the right direction!!  I officially start Stage 3 diet today. so I am looking forward to ground turkey or maybe tuna tonight. Thanks again everyone for your support!!!