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Feb 16, 2010

i have that damn sleep study tonite .. sigh - i have a terrible time falling asleep at home with no strangers staring at me - i don't know HOW i will manage to go to sleep tonite. Hopefullly they will take pity on me and give me tequila or something if I can't shut my eyes :D I started training yesterday - cut back on caffiene and NO NAPPING .. i love naps ...

I don't mind doing the sleep study - i have snored all my life .. way before i got so big - even when i was a little kid people teased me about the snoring. I've had numerous sinus surgery things and allergy shots and i would not be surprised to learn i have sleep apnea.

I had my cottage cheese and yogurt mix for breakfast this morning but i wanted something crunchy on it. I looked through the cabinets for a bit of granola type stuff and found a bag of toasted almonds slivers! PERFECT RIGHT? I realized on my first bite of almond topped yogurt that the almonds were garlic seasoned ... it was ... interesting :/

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