Mar 03, 2010

I got my referral and tricare approval in december - went to the seminar in jan - Saw the nurse and followed her instructions for labwork and pulmonary - did a sleep study and began using the cpap as ordered and attended the lifestyle changes class. I had the psych evaluation on Feb. 4th. The doctor i saw told me she saw NO PROBLEM with me having surgery and it would take about 2 weeks for her report to reach the clinic.

Today I gave up on hearing what i should do next and so emailed the nurse.

She called me back to tell me that my psych report raised a "red flag" because i admitted to drinking wine or beer with supper so she wanted me to go back to the psychiatry place that told me i had no problem and get a drug and alcohol assessment. I do not understand why this is necessary and I think i have been perfectly compliant until now. If this is such a red flag why did nobody contact me sooner? Why was I told this only after i sent an email? I would not have wasted my time going for a sleep study and suffering with this mask i have to sleep with now had i known that I would just be getting the runaround for months ...  I could pass a drug and alcohol evaluation assessment blind folded but i will not be treated like this. If there was a problem I should have been informed immediately and i should be given a copy of the report from the psych doctor that raised a "red flag" .

I am waiting to hear from the patient advocate now - this is ridiculous .. why do they use a psychiatrist if they are going to ignore what they say and judge me themselves ?? I am so upset ... I really feel like I am just being given the runaround AND that they are just making stuff up now to keep insurance paying for things and keep me busy ..


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