Week 7 Post Op Update

Jan 28, 2010

I am a day or two late posting because we visited the family in Wisconsin for a week.  Quick Update on my loss this week.  7 weeks out, down 4 more lbs this week,  I have lost 43 lbs since surgery.  Now I am starting to really notice finally.  My clothes are starting to hang off of me.  The trip to Wisconsin was somewhat difficult.  We visit my future in-laws and their entire family.  I DID NOT tell them about the surgery, I only told them I had hernia surgery.  They literally hounded me the entire first couple of days about what I was eating.  They had a little surprise get together for our engagement the first night we arrived and everyone wanted to know why wasn't I eating pizza like everyone else???? Why was I eating split pea soup?  Why wasn't I touching the brownies or cookies, what was wrong with me? What kind of surgery did you have again?  OH MAN.  I did not tell his family because they are very weight prejudice!  That is all they ever talk about.  I here it every time I am there about how I all need to do is workout more.  They are the last people I want to tell about my surgery, so I did not.  However, because we were staying with my future in-laws, I did breakdown and tell my mother-in-law.  She is the worst out of the group.  I explained to her I had weight loss surgery and I did not tell her because every time I speak with her on the phone all she talks about is how fat I am, blah, blah, blah.  I told her, you say things to me my own mother doesn't say, I really don't appreciate it.  I also told her, I did not want everyone else knowing about my surgery.  It is my business and I would prefer to keep it that way.  She looked a little shocked about the whole thing.  All she said, "I suspected that given all your symptoms and how you eat." Again the food police watching every thing that passes my lips.  

Eating while away was somewhat difficult, they like to eat out a lot.  Most of the places they go to only have crap food.  I managed.  

On another note, I have had nausea for 3 weeks straight now!  It is horrible.  It lasts all day long.  The surgeon said it was normal, but would NOT prescribe anything for it.  I called my PCP, she would only give me 10 days worth of meds because it could mean I was having some type of complication.  I am getting no relief from the nausea.  I spend the entire day feeling like I am going to throw up.  It really is impacting my family. I am becoming so grouchy because I am constantly sick.  Hoping this gets better soon! 


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