Well lets see.... I am 45 i have been married twice, my current husband and I have been married since 6-2007.  He a retired army 1st Sgt. which means, he still thinks he's the boss and knows all (LOL) but I love him, he has made me very happy in a short amount of time! My first marriage was to a marine, who controlled all aspects of my life, and i always said "one day this will end" so after my daughter graduated from high school, and was going to college, i left, with nothing. I did manage to get some things after a few years. We were married 22 yrs, and had a lot, cars, boat, truck a harley... i. but all the possessions in the world cannot buy you happiness and a the piece of mind i have now.  I have been overweight since they made "chubby'  clothes, that's a long time ago, I've been called a "pig" a "cow" people have mooed and oinked at me. People i guess are a little kinder now, i guess.. they try not to stare.. but you can feel it.  So, now that i have a new life, a new husband, i really need to come "full circle' and i need a new me.  I have done many diets, I was taking diet pills at age 13, lets see....... i did the rice diet, the grapefruit diet, TOPS, weight watchers, Atkins, south beach, Hollywood, herbalife, slim fast, doing lean cuisines, starvation, my favorite was the beer and doritos diet, that didn't go so well.  My diet Dr. pepper diet, where all i had was Dr. pepper all day, then dinner (lol).  If i had all the weight i've lost in a truck bed, it would fill up up for sure!!!
My daughter is 21, and lives with us, she is in college for elem. education and should finish up in about a year.  She has also inherited my weight problems, she weighs 223 and is about 5 '7 both her and my husband support my decision.  My best friend is also over weight, i see a pattern..... anyway, she wasn't all to excited about WLS, but then again, shes my eating buddy. I must confess before i go for WLS i really want to go out for a pizza buffet.
I love amusement parks, and roller coasters, i need to the person who goes around the country rating roller coasters, the bigger and faster the better.  I love cats, i have 2, i would have more, but my husband would not be happy. He has a beagle, and were looking for him a girl beagle.  I like crafts, yard work, cooking, baking, traveling, nascar and baseball and fishing, if I'm catching anything!! i love to drive, I'm always the driver! I am self employed, and enjoy setting my own hours and days off.  And now i really enjoy blogging, so i can share my story with others who are going through the same thing!

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