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Jan 25, 2012

It's been since forever that I have been on here.  Things are going good, still maintaining between 140-150, still a size 4 and small or medium tops.  I do not have any food issues anymore.  I almost anything, i still eat maybe 5 or 6 times a day, little things, like beef jerky or nuts, peanut butter.  I still drink protein shakes everyday! I eat protein bars almost everyday, i love both of them so that is a big + I am doing the 5 day pouch test right now, i feel like i was getting to heavy and getting to close to 150 and i refuse to go over 150! never again! i have no weighed myself, but my clothes feel better.  Our bariatric program kinda fell apart after our surgeon left, then she came back, then she left.  We got a new man, he got deployed...they changed our support group during lunch hours, so that does not help! when i went after work, i slept...Had bloodwork done last week by my PCM, have to check on that and see how it is...It should be okay, my protein has been staying higher than before.  My tummy looks pretty good after my panni.  I wont be a "bikini model" but then i never was so, i happy with it.  I wish i could get boobs, arm lift and my thighs done...but thats all in my dreams! and way out of my reach unless i hit the lottery or something! and i dont play, so i cant win.  Holidays went well, think i ate too much and too often, but thats okay...i went right back to the same grind afterwards.  I have started drinking coffee, and it is LOVELY! oh how i missed it.  I used to get one starbucks a month.  Now i make my own in my keurig with sugar free syrup and hood calorie countdown milk and its just as good as starbucks, cheaper and less carbs! i really dont exercise besides walking...i need to do some butt lifts or something, i dont like my butt.  It is amazing how critical we are of ourselfs after surgery.  I still see me as fat, i stil feel fat, i look in the mirror and i dont feel like im a size 4, when i pick up pants in 4's to try on, i say oh these are too small...but then they fit.  I was talking with a lady over Christmas about chocolates and she said if i was as thin as you, i wouldnt worry about it!....and i wanted to say i used to be 268 pounds!! you just do not know!!

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