recovering again!

Jul 30, 2013

what the hell is with all my problems? i swear i am cursed this whole year! i have turned to my old friend sometimes....FOOD! dammit and i can kick myself in the ASS.  I recently went back to see nutrition, think i need back in with psyc. too.  The abscess i had before, it stayed gone about 4-5 months, it came back again, yes again! so after getting a cat scan or mri whichever with imaging.  It showed my abscess was HUGH! and trailed all the way from my tummy tuck site almost up to my boob, also along with that i had a scar revision.  So, when they did the TT and the scar revision from gallbladder surgery they used preline sutchers?? ho ever it's spelled.  The abscess was wrapped all along the sutchers.   So, surgery again to remove all of them.  Which left me with a hole bugger than a 50 cent piece that i had to have packed, irrigated 3 times a week, then 2 times a week.  Yesterday was my final day with that.  I officially have a real scab! I have to see my surgeon soon, and get hooked up with plastics about a scar revision yet again.  It left my belly kind of jacked up.  Well, during this time while i was home from surgery I broke my damn left foot!  So then i had a hole in my gut and friggin cam boot on, lovely. Then they had the nerve to give me crutches, if i cannot walk on 2 feet what makes you think i can use crutches? so i went a got a roller cart to put my broke foot on.  So this has been going on for maybe 2 months or more.  But...........before all this.  I went to my PCM to see about what i and she thought were planters warts on the soles of my feet.  So, she did the freezing thing.  Um, wrong idea....apperantly i must have been her first person she did this too or she was torturing me.  She gave me frost bite and chemical burns on BOTH feet.  By time i had got home both my feet were on big blister.  Then ahe gave me meds for pain i could not take.  I am opening a case with the Army about her neglect.  I had to end up going to the ER dept to get real "real" pain medicine! and i got to see a real foot doctor too.  Who came in to take pictures of my feet to show to other foot doctors! WOW...anyway....not plantar warts, clogged sweat glands.  This is why I think i am having issues with FOOD again! ugh....My husband is doing better, no cancer, no surgery, treatment with medication and diet.  He goes for a cartaroid ultra sound tomorrow.  They have to keep track of his blockages, they do not do surgery or stenting until you are maybe 80% he is at 65%-75%.  I am trying to get back "on the wagon" with these food issues, i can tolerate sweets,not good.  I feel hunger again now, i think, or maybe head hunger idk! it is making me crazy!! i did get to 156, and i hate it....i need to be 145 again...feeling depressed and upset with myself, mad at myself.  This cannot happen again.  Food just taste so good again, i wish i hated it like before damn.  If anyone reads my post/rant and can offer some help or ideas, it will help!


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