Had acp yesterday

Feb 13, 2024

I started again. I had a 1230 show time, procedure time was 1... turned into 230 ish if not later. I got home at 430. I was extremely groggy this time and slept off and on the rest of the night. I drank a ensure max, it took about an hour to finish it. The burning sensation was quite extreme this time. It improved after I took my pain mgt medication. I slept okay, woke up at 5. I think I'll stay home from work today. I'm sipping on a sf coffee, contemplating how I got here again. ???? I was 216 pounds yesterday. I feel like crap. I look like crap. I pray this helps. 6 weeks of full liquid. Return visit, another procedure then 6 more weeks, then another procedure and 6 more weeks. So = 18 weeks of full liquid diet. Can it include wine ???? ???? is there diet wine. ??????? 

Praying for 160 pounds ????




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