Endoscopy Done

Nov 03, 2009

I had my endoscopy done today. Dr. L wanted to take a peek and make sure my Lap Band was still positioned properly and that it wasn't the reason why I was having problems. He said it looked okay and hadn't moved but told the person who drove me that I should call the office tomorrow. I think perhaps he didn't want to chat with a sleepy me and will give me the 411 tomorrow when I call. I'm hoping anyway.

It wasn't that bad really. There were some issues such as when it took the nurse 3 pokes to finally get the IV started. The 1st 2 times she poked through one side of the vein and right through the other side. Nice! Hurt like heck. Finally the 3rd time was the charm. She said it was because I was dehydrated. I was dehydrated because the person who called to register me for my endoscopy they said no eating or drinking for 48 hrs prior and when I got there the admitting nurse said, "nothing to eat or drink since midnight, right?" I said, "midnight?" Umm....try 48 hours. There was another nurse in the room and she was like, "you've had drinks since then though right?" I said, "nope. they said 48 hrs." She said you must be thirsty and I said..uhh...yea! So anyway, they had a hard time with my veins because I'm dehydrated. Anyway, procedure went well as far as I know. Easy to wake up from. Much easier than waking up from a real surgery! So that was my last bit of pre-op work. Givinng my luck all I need now that I'm ready is for Dr. L to decide I"m no longer a candidate for some odd reason or something to go wrong with my insurance. I just can't get excited because I'm too worried I'll jinx myself so I'm trying to hold my happiness at bay.

Also, I have an appointment on Friday to discuss with my GYN/OB getting the Mirena put in pre-surgery. That would be ideal but who knows if she'll even approve me for it since I don't have kids. I really hope so though. I'd like to start to get the spotting and such out of the way and get it going doing what it is supposed to considering I"m not off my pills. I really do not want kids right now so I'd like to get something else in place (we're using condoms of course but they aren't the same). So that's the update with me right now. Just plodding along taking it 1 day at a time.

P.S. forgot to say I did my psych eval yesterday and my bone density test. The lady doing the DEXA scan was kinda bothered that my Lap Band was getting in the way of the scan. She thought it was a belly ring and then I told her what it really was. I kept picturing it melting under the radiation of the Xray. Strange huh? Haha! So here we go anyway!  Thanks for all the question answering all. Much appreciated.



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