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14 Steps to Get Back On Track

One of the things I love about being part of the team for weight loss surgery patients is the excitement and the hope that each patient has prior to surgery. On a daily basis, I speak with patients about all of the reasons why they want to have surgery and the hopes they have for […]

Limited Mobility, Exercise on Crutches

Everyone Can Move, Even With Limited Mobility (Videos!)

Everybody needs to move.  The body was not designed to lay or sit around all day and night.  However, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we can’t move, where we have limited mobility. Whether you are bed-ridden due to the common flu for a few days, missed a step going down the stairs and […]


How To Use Exercise To Curb Food Cravings (With Videos!)

To quote the famous comedian, Jim Gaffigan “I only go to the gym to exercise because it’s the ONE PLACE I can go where I don’t eat for 30 minutes.”  How many of us can relate? Sure, going to the gym is amazing but that’s one hour of your day maximum.  What are you supposed to […]

Shopping Transfer Addiction

Shopping: What To Do When You Have a Transfer Addiction

So we all may ask… Can shopping really be a transfer addiction? We may say… but I have lost so much weight and I need to buy more clothes; I look really good and I just want to shop; I feel really good and I want to shop; I can finally shop in ‘normal’ stores, […]

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How To Select a Mental Health Professional

As both a bariatric patient and a counselor, I am a big fan of behavioral interventions serving as a foundation for long-term weight loss surgery success.  And you may ask, why should we bariatric post-op folks see a mental health professional? It’s very normal that we have behavioral issues after major life changes—and it rarely […]

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7 Tips to Overcome Compulsive Eating

Weight loss surgery (WLS) is a wonderful thing.  It gives people their life back.  I often hear stories of how people were able to stop all kinds of medications after surgery.  They get their health back.  They can get on airplanes without seat extenders and can finally go to the amusement park with their kids.  […]

Exercise - Mountain Climbing

The Mental and Emotional Benefits You Get From Exercise

Most of us know the long term benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle. We have our own personal goals and activities that we love to do so an exercise program helps to improve our ability enjoy more. The biggest driving factor for me after a long work day or when the alarm goes off […]

combat cravings

10 Ways to Combat Cravings & Emotional Eating

Food cravings and emotional eating can be quite challenging when attempting to lose weight. Acting on food cravings and using food to cope with various emotions can lead to overeating and make weight loss or weight loss maintenance difficult. Combat Cravings &  Emotional Eating Create a healthy personal food environment. When you are emotionally distressed […]

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Embracing Stress: Changing Beliefs, Mindsets & Biology

The headlines read – Stress is bad for you! Stress will make you gain weight! Stress will decrease your immune system functioning! Learn how to live a stress-free life! All of these headlines would have us believe that stress is bad and that we need to avoid it at all costs. However, stress is inevitable. […]

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Make a Plan Today to Control the Holiday Hunger Games!

Let the hunger-games begin! It’s the time of year when your access to food increases like no other time during the calendar year. The holiday season is rich in opportunities to stray off course from the lifestyle you’ve tried to maintain over the past months and years as a WLS post-op. Going into the season […]