I'm the mom of a teenager - the skinny mom of a teenager

Oct 18, 2013

I've always thought of myself as kind of a cool mom. I try to relate to my children and their friends and I try to give them their space and let them make their own mistakes while I never stop listening and talking. But I try to be that mom that the kids will talk to. I'm far from perfect, but I try to set a good example by not taking things too seriously in life.

The one thing I was never good at was setting a good example with my health. When my son was 10, I topped the scales at 375 pounds. I look back at photos and it's hard to believe I was ever that large or that I let my mental health get the better of me. I've said this a million times before, but my journey is definitely more of a mental one than it is physical. No one gets to a 60+ BMI because they are hungry for food.

Yesterday, my oldest, my son, turned 13. I've got a bona fide teenager in this house now. I can't help but smile when I think about what a difference these past 2.5 years have made. I've lost 225 pounds. I'm a healthy weight for the first time in my life. But, more than that, I'm finally setting a good example for my children about health and wellness. Yes, we are having cake tonight. Yes, I had a slice of pizza with him tonight. But, we aren't eating it every night - a very different lifestyle than we were leading.

Best of all, I feel like I've made some strides in breaking the obesity cycle. I come from a long line of obesity and my children were starting down that path. Not anymore. We're all healthier and happier than ever. It feels good to know that I'm making a difference. It felt good to run through the house, chasing my kid with a cold water bottle just to be annoying. It feels good when my family gives me a hug and can wrap their arms all the way around me. It feels good to know that I'll live to see my grandchildren and, hopefully, one day great grandchildren. It feels good to put on clothes and feel good in them. All because I finally did something about my weight, and surgery was just the first small step of that.

So, today I'm the skinny mom of a teenage boy. He's an amazing young man, full of smiles, hugs and laughter. He's a jokester, a cool cat who is growing his hair out for locks of love. He has a heart of gold and is always looking for ways to help his friends and family. Yes, he can be your typical little snot, but he is also always ready with a great big hug and kiss for his mom.

Life is really too short not to have some fun. It's too short to live miserably in a body that was screaming for health. Living is what I'm truly doing these days.

The birthday boy (the one with glasses looking over his tall friend's shoulder) and his friends:
Birthday gathering for the 13 year old. They have cheese, pizza and cake. I have Advil and earplugs.

And last night (his actual birthday, he wanted the Japanese buffet so he could load up on clams and crawfish). And, yes, he has ADD and has a great openness about it as well as sense of humor (really, you have to survive his more manic moments!)
Happy 13th birthday to my fave guy!

And last night, my daughter and I - she's 10 and when did she turn into such a beautiful young lady?
When did she get so big?


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