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Jan 04, 2014

Haven't been here in over a month. The crazy holidays. So, to recap the weight stuff, I started at 375, I hit 150 and decided I thought my face looked too gaunt, gained to 160, then to around 165. I didn't like that. Honestly, I FEEL better at 150. I'm torn on if I want to lose back down there. I think I do, but I also know plastics will take 10-20 pounds off. Hmmm. I'm not stressing about it, just thinking on what I want to do.

Anyway, it was time for new business headshots. I also am participating this year in the Go Red campaign with the American Heart Association. I get to have my photo in a local magazine and part of what I paid goes to the charity. Kind of a cool thing since we all know I've done amazing things for my heart by losing 200+ pounds. I hope to write up my story for my personal blog about that soon.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share the photos. The one in purple is for my business headshot, the red is obviously for the campaign. I'll put my starting face photo up as well. Some days I still cannot believe that that person in the mirror is me. I look thin, but most importantly, I feel happy. I feel centered. I feel like who I am. I'm not hiding behind a big layer of fat anymore. That's overwhelming sometimes, but it's also VERY freeing.


This one is my original headshot from 2011, a year before surgery, then after about 100 pounds lost, then one where I was at 190 lost. I consider myself at goal now, so it's nice to have a "real" photo of me. I need to redo my driver's license again too. It's been low on the priority list, but I redid it after I lost 100 and I got questioned by TSA last time I traveled, so I should do that before my next trip, I suppose.

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