Turkey Inspired Recipes

6 Delicious And Easy To Make Turkey-Inspired Recipes

November 29, 2023

For many of us, turkey and dishes prepared with it serve as a delicious source of comfort food not only during the holidays, but throughout the year. But did you know that turkey has several health benefits too? It is an excellent source of high-quality protein, is low in fat, and a valuable source of vitamin B3, B6 and B12. It is also rich in essential minerals; magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, and phosphorus, which help to support your immune system, bone health, thyroid function, and more. So why not incorporate turkey into your dinner plans whenever you can? Enjoy these six mouth-watering turkey-inspired recipes!

6 Turkey-Inspired Recipes

Turkey-Inspired Recipes

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

This Instant Pot Turkey Breast makes a juicy and moist turkey. You can serve it for Thanksgiving or add it to your meal plan to enjoy anytime. Turkey is rich with essential nutrients and packed with protein. It is quick and easy so you don't have to spend tons of time in the kitchen.

Turkey-Inspired Recipes

Healthy Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

These 15 minute Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps made with ground turkey are full of flavor from a quick homemade taco seasoning seasoned with just enough spice. Piled high in crunchy lettuce with all your favorite toppings, these are a light and healthy dinner everyone loves.

Turkey Meatloaf with Veggies

Turkey Meatloaf with Veggies

If you are looking for a healthy meatloaf recipe, try this gluten-free Turkey Meatloaf with Veggies. It uses lower-fat ground turkey, almond flour, lots of veggies and spices to make a tasty weeknight dinner. This is also a low-carb meatloaf recipe too.

Turkey-Inspired Recipes

Healthy Ranch Turkey Burgers

These Healthy Ranch Turkey Burgers are made with just three main ingredients. The burgers are a classic restaurant recipe made at home with less fat, calories, but still all the same great flavor. With just 170 calories, these ranch burgers are ready in 15 minutes and taste amazing.

Roasted Turkey Breast

Easy to Make Roasted Turkey Breast

If you don’t eat much, and you aren’t hosting a huge party this year….how do you make a traditional holiday meal that doesn’t overfill your house with food? Try this delicious Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe! It's perfect for getting the smells and tastes of the holidays, without needing to make an entire turkey.

Turkey-Inspired Recipes

Instant Pot Turkey Meatballs

These Instant Pot Turkey Meatballs are amazing! You can even have them with different dips and enjoy them with sauces of your choice. This is an easy recipe that gets ready in just the span of minutes and comes out super tempting and savory served with different garnishings.