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62 Important Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

March 28, 2013

Whether or not you have experienced massive weight loss through diet, exercise, or weight loss surgery, chances are you will be seeking to have plastic surgery procedures for the removal of excess skin and other cosmetic procedures.

Choosing a plastic surgeon is a very important decision and it is equally as important to know to ask the right questions of the very person who you are choosing to alter your body.

Here's a list of questions that you may want to print and take to your consultation(s).  These questions were compiled by OH Magazine writers, and plastic surgeon, Don Revis, MD, FACS, PA (retired).


1.  Do you charge a consultation fee? If yes, how much?
2.  Does the cost depend on where my surgery is performed? If yes, how do the costs differ?
3.  Will it save me money to have multiple procedures at once, and do you recommend multiple surgeries in one session?
4.  Who will absorb the cost for touch-ups (i.e. plastic surgery, liposuction)?
5.  Will my insurance cover any of the cost of my surgery?
6.  What options are available for payment?
7.  Does your office accept credit cards?
8.  Is a payment plan available to patients?
9.  What is the refund policy if I change my mind after paying in full?


10. Which surgery will best address my needs?
11. How is the surgery performed?
12. How safe is the procedure?
13. How long does the operation usually last?
14. Are other options available? If yes, what are those options?
15. If I request multiple procedures, can they be performed at the same time?
16. Will I need a revision later on?
17. Will I have visible scars?
18. How long is the recovery period?
19. Do any of my medical conditions mean that recovery may last longer than average for me?
20. What kind of medical care will I require during recovery?
21. What sort of help will I need at home during recovery to care for myself (and my children)?
22. What will my physical limitations be during recovery?
23. What complications may occur and how frequently do these occur?
24. What kind of anesthesia will be used on me during surgery?
25. Will I be able to speak with the anesthesiologist before surgery?
26. Who performs the skin care/postoperative follow-up/suture removal?


27. What do I need to do in the week leading up to surgery to prepare?
28. What preparation is required the day before and the morning of the surgery?
29. Should my regular medicine be taken the morning of the surgery?
30. Where will the surgery be performed?
31. What time should I arrive at the surgery location?
32. Should someone drive me to the surgery?
33. Will I need to stay overnight? If yes, may my spouse or family member stay with me?
34. What sort of clothes should I bring for my return home?
35. Will I need to see another physician prior to surgery for examination or testing because of preexisting medical conditions? What tests will be required?
36. (Smokers) How long before surgery must I quit smoking?


37. What emergency plans and equipment are in place to provide for my needs in the event of an emergency?
38. Are you and your staff certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)?
39. Do you have admitting privileges at a local hospital should problems arise during my office surgery?


40. If a problem arises after I go home, who answers calls after hours and on weekends?
41. If I need to be seen after hours, where will this occur?
42. If I need help in my home, is a private duty nurse available? At what cost?
43. Are any special medications or diets required during the recovery period? What are they?
44. Will insurance cover the cost?
45. What should I watch for during healing that may indicate a problem?
46. What if I am dissatisfied with the results or with the degree of changes achieved?
47. If touch-ups are necessary, when would these be performed?


48. How long does the entire healing process usually last?
49. How much pain/swelling/bruising is to be expected?
50. How will my pain be managed after I go home?
51. How many follow-up visits are necessary and when will they take place?
52. When can I wear makeup, and is there special makeup that I will need to wear?
53. Will I need to wear compression garments or other special clothing? What will I need and for how long?
54. At what point will I feel comfortable in a social setting?
55. When may I return to activities such as exercise, bathing, swimming, driving, normal activities, and work?


56. Are you board-certified?
57. Do you have other professional affiliations?
58. How long have you been performing post-bariatric contouring procedures?
59. How many post-bariatric procedures do you perform per week/month?
60. How many times have you performed this particular surgery?
61. What surgery do you perform the most in your practice?
62. May I see photographs of patients who did not achieve desired results?

OH Magazine’s Plastic Surgery Questionnaire was prepared by writers Ronda Einbinder and Nikki Johnson with Don Revis, MD, FACS, PA (retired) of South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates.