WLS: Balance in Recovery Post-Op

January 8, 2013

WLS: Balance in Recovery Post-Op

In this informative video, Dr. Connie Stapleton speaks with ObesityHelp (OH) 2012 Caribbean Cruise event attendees about balance in recovery after weight loss surgery (WLS).  Addictions, cross-addictions, and recovery are important topics to address in the WLS community.  (As well as many other communities, unfortunately!)

Share your thoughts about addictions and recovery post WLS in the comments section below the video!

connie stapleton


Connie Stapleton, PhD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with nearly two decades of experience in the field of bariatric medicine. Dr. Stapleton is the author of three books, is a national and international speaker, and appears as the bariatric psychologist on three national television programs.  Read more articles by Connie Stapleton!