Before & After RNY with SabrinaB62

Before & After RNY with SabrinaB62

February 21, 2017

Why I Decided to Have WLS

Like most, I was ALWAYS heavy. Throughout my early childhood and forward, I was always the kid who got picked on, called horrible names, chosen last for team sports…never went to high school dances and didn’t even get asked to my Senior Prom. After high school and for the next 35 years, I tried every diet possible, including HCG injections. Nothing worked long term.  I always ended up gaining back MORE than I lost. I exercised regularly, I didn’t eat sweets…in fact, I was on my high school’s competitive swimming team! What was wrong with me?

Over the course of 20 years, I had several operations related to my obesity; gallbladder removed, both shoulders repaired and even had a disk removed from my lower back. And the doctors told me due to my obesity, I could not bear any children. I was a real mess.  I topped out at 240, wore a size 20 pants & 2XL tops. I was on multiple medications for GERD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

Fast-forward to 2015. My husband of 15 years and I are living in Mexico, near the international border of Mexico & California. Our health insurance covered bariatric surgery. I’d been thinking about bariatric surgery for a few years, but my husband always said I was beautiful just the way I was.  But inside, I was miserable. I hated what I’d become. I was tired of being sick AND tired!  I researched the providers covered under my health plan, made an appointment to attend Pacific Bariatric of San Diego, CA weight loss seminar in March 2015.  That night I was committed to finding the new, happier & healthier me!

Before & After RNY

OH Username:  SabrinaB62
Total Weight Loss:
  85 pounds
Surgery Type:
  RNY Gastric Bypass
Surgery Date: 
Eugene Rumsey, MD (& Tom Pousti, MD, Plastic Surgeon)

My Surgical Experience and Post-Op Life

Surgical experience: My three day hospital stay for RNY Gastric Bypass was easier than most. I was committed from waking up from anesthesia that I was going to finally beat obesity.  I was up walking circles around the nurse’s station within 4 hours of surgery.  I had my walking shoes on, my headphones on and I got moving (and with IV bag in tow!) It’s funny how you are so excited to get your first popsicle, right?  It tastes like a fillet mignon! Then soup, then yogurt, cheese, eggs, OH EGGS HOW I LOVE THEE!  Lots of baby steps trying to test food tolerance.  Not everything stayed down!

Two months after my surgery, I had to work in Chengdu, China for the month over Christmas & New Years.  That was tough – noodles and spices made me sick.  But I was prepared!  I brought with me BiPro Protein powder and various protein bars in addition to my vitamins.   I packed “safe” snacks, tracked everything and used my hotel’s amazing gym each & every day after work.  I wasn’t going to gain while I was away from home.  In fact, I LOST 8 pounds while I was in China!

I lost most of my weight within a five month period.  In January 2016, I went under the knife again, this time to remove excess skin on my arms and breasts.  These two procedures were the next best decision I’ve ever made!  Now you never see me in anything but sleeveless tops!

before after rny with sabrinab62 inner

I’m a year & 2 months post op now.  I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 4. I’m on ZERO meds for blood pressure & cholesterol. I walk every day – I don’t count this as exercise; it’s just a part of my daily life. Like brushing my teeth, eating breakfast…walking is PART OF MY DAY.  Three days a week I lift weights (I love my new arm muscles!) Weekends I attend “Krav Maga” self-defense classes.   I run for no reason at all!  I feel light as a feather, never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d feel this amazing, this powerful…this healthy!

Milestones & Non-Scale Victories

My most notable Non-Scale Victory was going on my 15th wedding anniversary cruise last April. I wore a bikini, and formal gowns. We had so many professional photos taken. For the first time in my life, I felt SO BEAUTIFUL.

I feel so light on my feet, I can run or jog without pain or feeling like I’m going to fall.  I stand taller, I feel so strong!

I’m enjoying self-defense classes that I could never have done while at my highest weight.

I can fit easily into my kayak and enjoy quiet reflection on our local rivers and streams. I don’t need afternoon naps anymore!

How has been a part of my journey

I attended my first ObesityHelp conference last month. I was so inspired by everyone’s stories. I loved all the breakout groups, sessions. I learned that I’m not in this alone; I have ObesityHelp to thank for this wonderful conference!

Share Your Before & After Success!

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