before after rny with tim losing 350 pounds

Before & After RNY with Tim, losing 350 pounds!

April 18, 2017

Why I Decided to Have WLS

My story was that I always grappled with a food addiction even as a kid. However, as a kid, I also was able to quickly lose, regain and lose again. As I hit my adult years, this process began to be much more difficult.

In the beginning of 2011, I was informed my insurance coverage would cover my weight loss surgery. I was so happy that I began the journey of seeking out a bariatric surgeon. The first surgeon I encountered had me jump through a number of hoops.

After several wasted trips and many long hours on the road (he was 2.5 hours from me at the time), this surgeon kept putting me off. He repeatedly told me "When you lose another 10 pounds we will talk about it." I am not one to play games so after following this path, I asked him how long this back and forth would continue. The surgeon readily admitted that once I reached 100 pounds we would then discuss it further. According to his mindset, unless I could lose 100 pounds on my own, he wouldn’t do my surgery!

The surgeon proceeded to inform me that based upon statistics unless I accomplished this amount of weight loss, I wouldn’t even hit my first 6-month to year goal. As you can see, this surgeon was clearly incorrect. What he didn't understand is that he didn’t know my spirit, my heart, what drove me. All he had to go off was facts, figures and that I was nearing 600 pounds.

Before & After RNY with Tim, losing 350 pounds!

Total Weight Loss: 350 lbs (593 on the day of surgery, 243 now)
Surgery Type: RNY Gastric Bypass
Surgery Date: Dec 11, 2011
Surgeon: Dr. Steve Fath

Having Surgery and Life as a Post-Op

Long story short, I returned home, and immediately found a weight loss support group and they informed me about Dr. Fath. What impressed me about this surgeon is that he called me back on a Saturday, he was interested in me, my story, not a bunch of statistics. He asked me could I come into his office the following Tuesday.

At my appointment, he weighed me and sure enough, I was nearing 600 pounds. This doctor had a great bedside manner, but he didn’t spend a lot of time trying to convince me his surgery was best. Dr. Fath spoke honestly to me and reached my heart. A few weeks later, we scheduled my surgery.

My surgeon told me one very clear and defining thing - 25% of the surgery was his skill, the other 75% was me.

Today, I am 350 pounds lighter, yes, I have hanging skin, yes, I work out with Spanx clothing on. On the day of my surgery, I wore a 7X shirt, a size 76  pants, and took 320 MG of Diovan for HBP (high blood pressure) 3 times a day. I was consuming around 10,000 to 12,000 calories a day. That's not my life today.

Before & After RNY with Tim

I work out three to five days a week, I still recognize this is not the total solution. If I compromise on something, I have to work off an additional 20% of the calorie intake, so it is constant work.

I encourage everyone to take control, but the process or journey you choose must be your own. As Dr. Fath encouraged me to believe, this is one time in your life when you must be selfish. You can desire to do this for everyone, spouse, children, job, etc.. but unless you are doing this for will continue to struggle.

My life today is wonderful, I am remarried, I have a wonderful wife who understands my changes and challenges. I use my testimony of weight loss to encourage others. We easily wear our addictions and people can see them, but there must be a transformation of the heart as well, so my life and outlook are great.

No more blood pressure meds, no more CPAP machine, no more pre-diabetic days. In addition to clothes fitting better, little things stand out now such as sitting on a plane and no longer using two seatbelt extensions.

A Special Milestone / Non-Scale Victory

Doing a minute on the treadmill at 7.95 minutes (my best time yet)!

I think the best thing is helping others find their hope and success. I go to the gym and I meet both men and women who are working towards changing their lives, and we are working together.

The best story was this man who was as large as I was, or larger, and one morning he was on the elliptical. To be honest, it’s not my favorite machine in the gym, but here he was showing me up. I befriended this man and just listened to his story. Some people just need us to listen to their story.

As you take this journey, everyone’s story is different, everyone’s story may have similarities, but your testimony is your testimony and you have to believe I am worthy.

One other thing as you begin to lose weight, purposely go out and buy smaller clothes and hang them up where you can see them, and envision yourself fitting into those clothes and you will.

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