Before-and After VSG with John

Before and After VSG with John, down 117 pounds!

November 16, 2021

Why I decided to have WLS

Before and After VSG with John: My struggles with weight loss have pretty much been lifelong. Always on a yo-yo. Up a little, down a little. I have tried a multitude of diets over the years, all with limited to no success. I could lose the weight but struggled with keeping it off.

Over the past 8 years, I gradually gained weight until I hit my peak at 327. Around September of 2019, my best friend called and said he was tired of being overweight. I told him I was considering a visit to a weight loss doctor. He wanted to take a more traditional approach since he did not have as much to lose. We agreed to be each other’s support system that is to hold each other accountable.

At the same time, at a visit with my parents, I saw that my mother had a knee problem that had left her with limited movement. This had resulted in her gaining 50+ pounds and living a sedentary life, which only led to more knee problems and more weight gain. This was my ah-ha moment that I decided my change needed to be a complete life changer.

I looked at several weight loss programs and met with a couple of different doctors in this field. My experience with Nicholson Clinic and specifically Dr. Roshek was unique in that his approach was that the surgery itself was a minor piece of the whole. If I was not committed to making changes around my entire lifestyle, then the surgical piece was not worth it.

Before and After VSG with John

Name: John G.
Total Weight Loss: 117 pounds
Surgery Type: VSG
Surgery Date:  12/12/2019
SurgeonDr. Thomas Roshek

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

My surgical experience could not have been any better. My goal to lose 5% of my body weight by my surgical date was met with a 9% weight reduction. This motivated me going into the surgery. The actual surgery was easy. A quick procedure and I was on my way to living a better life.

The team at the Nicholson Clinic made me feel at ease and comfortable going into the surgery. Having the support of my family and friends made a huge difference. I honestly do not see how anyone can accomplish this without close support. The Nicholson Clinic along with was there for support if and when I needed it.

Life 100 lbs. lighter is way different than I imagined. I have energy to burn! I can do any activity now with no hesitation or reservation. I am honestly not sure what my limitations are. When I think I am at them, I proceed further! It is truly a surreal experience. I actually like going out now. I feel good about how I look and the confidence is real.

Special Milestones: Before and After VSG with John

  • Wearing my original wedding band again. I had outgrown it 10 years ago. Feels good to have it on for our 34th anniversary.
  • My wife introduces me as her “new boyfriend”
  • Going shopping for clothes is a fun occasion again.
Before and After VSG with John

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