How To Use Exercise To Curb Food Cravings (With Videos!)

January 25, 2017

To quote the famous comedian, Jim Gaffigan “I only go to the gym to exercise because it’s the ONE PLACE I can go where I don’t eat for 30 minutes.”  How many of us can relate?

Sure, going to the gym is amazing but that’s one hour of your day maximum.  What are you supposed to do to curb your food demons the other 23 hours?  Here’s a little secret…it doesn’t have to be one or the other.  What if you could use ONE to help with the OTHER and vice versa?  It’s possible and I’m going to explain to you exactly how.

Exercise Doesn't Have To Be An Hour Of Torture

Exercise is so much more than what social media has made it out to be.  Sure, there are the rare few out there who can lift 800 pounds with their pinky and others who can jump rope for 4 days and not get tired.  This author, although considered reasonably fit, also watches some of these workout videos in horror and amazement.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be an hour of grueling, torturous, sweat dripping insanity. Exercise can be short, purposeful and helpful in curbing those cravings.

Below are a few times when cravings show their ugly face that we can use exercise to fight back:

1. Cravings crash through when you’re bored, avoid boredom by staying active.

Instead of sitting down to the T.V., the Internet, or swiping on your phone, use free time to TRY NEW EXERCISES that you haven’t tried. Don't be afraid to try something different! Take a new fitness class, try a new exercise or even walk a different route and bring your kids, the dog or your bestie next door.  The less time you have for boredom the more time you have to avoid cravings.

2. When the night cravings come crawling, do something calming before bed.

Night time cravings are a real bugger. Before bed utilize this time to stretch, do some gentle yoga or meditate.  Doing this before bed will get your body nice and calm and ready to call it a night.  (Just don’t take a walk to the kitchen).

3. Take a break instead of a nibble.

The office is a breeding ground for treats and bad cravings. Just this morning, I had to karate chop a donut away from my face.  Instead of caving, or even worse, sitting at your desk lusting, get up and go for a walk.  Take a break from the office.  When you are on your walk, remember to congratulate yourself for resisting.

Bonus Tip: Bring your snacks each day to work instead of keeping them in your desk. You’re less likely to over-snack and more likely just to snack on the portion you brought with you.

4. Go all out (this one is not for the faint of heart).

When you feel cravings coming on and you feel like you just can’t resist…do 10 jumping jacks. Even further, each time you DO cave, do 10 burpees. Trust me…you’ll hate having to do these and will find resisting temptation is just much easier.

5. Exercise the power of resistance.

This goes without saying but the greatest exercise of all is exercising resistance to cravings. Remind yourself why you had this surgery.  Stay tough with yourself.  It will never get easier but you will get better and isn’t that exactly how exercise works?

Good Luck and Happy Exercising!

lyss remaly


Lyss Remaly had WLS in 2010 after her highest weight of 350lbs. She revised from Lap-Band to a Duodenal Switch. After changing her habits, she became certified as a personal trainer and behavior change specialist to help others do the same. Lyss is a Bariatric Lifestyle Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and a competitive Natural Bodybuilder. Catch up with Lyss at FitnFabulyss

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