Struggling with Emotional Eating

Struggling with Emotional Eating? 10 Articles that Will Help!

September 17, 2020

Do you find yourself struggling with emotional eating? You're not alone, so many of us do - even after Bariatric Surgery! We've put together 10 helpful articles to support you on your journey. In this article round-up, you'll learn what emotional eating is and ways that you can challenge it.

10 Articles for When You are Struggling with Emotional Eating

emotional eating after WLS

Emotional Eating After Weight Loss Surgery: What It Is and How To Conquer It

Authored by Dr. Rachel Goldman
Emotional eating is an impulsive behavior. In the short-term, it can suppress emotions and in long-term, it can cause weight gain. Let's conquer it!

Food Cravings & Emotional Eating

Understanding the Connection of Food Cravings & Emotional Eating

Authored by Alysha Gebo MS, RD, LDN
Food is everywhere, and for those of us struggling with emotional eating, this can be daunting. The good news is that our brains can be trained to better manage these cravings!

combat cravings

10 Ways to Combat Cravings & Emotional Eating

Authored by Dr. Sapna Doshi
Using food to cope with emotional eating can lead to overeating and make weight loss or weight loss maintenance difficult. There are healthy ways to combat those cravings!

anxiety overeating and weight loss 2

Anxiety, Overeating and Weight Loss: How to Manage

Authored by Dr. Sarah Galloway
Check out these helpful tips to reduce physiologic anxiety, distress, and develop healthy coping mechanisms necessary for achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals!

say no to head hunger

5 Ways To Say NO To Head Hunger After WLS

Authored by Dr. Kristin Lloyd
When head hunger strikes, you may find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator looking to soothe your emotions. When you recognize it, you'll be able to challenge it!

Emotional Hunger 2

How Emotional Hunger Causes Weight Regain After WLS

Authored by Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD
Eating to tranquilize emotions or fill a void doesn’t just go away after bariatric surgery. It's critical to figure out what is going on in your mind and heart!

emotional eating 2 1

How to Break the Vicious Cycle of Emotional Eating After WLS

Authored by Dr. Joanna R. Benavidez
When we feel negative emotions and turn to overeating, we may feel temporary relief. However, that relief is fleeting, it is important to break the vicious cycle!

How to Change an Unhealthy Relationship with Food 1

How to Change an Unhealthy Relationship with Food

Authored by Dr. Willo Wisotsky
Emotional eating is an impulsive behavior. In the short-term, it can suppress emotions and in long-term, it can cause weight gain. Like any behavior, you can change it!

Feelings without food

Face Your Feelings Without Food

Authored by Dr. Kimberly M. Daniels
Getting to know your emotions can be extremely rewarding and freeing. Once you understand the feelings that drive you to eat, you can catch them before they take over. 

hungry heart

Everyone Has a Hungry Heart – What Does Yours Want?

Authored by Jenn A. Nocera, MA, MFT, CLSC, CPFT 
As emotional eaters, we are accustomed to stuffing our feelings down and "numbing out" with food. It is important to know what you are really hungry for and why!

struggling with emotional eating