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A. Me
on 8/2/13 12:25 pm
RNY on 04/05/10 with

Yes.  My sugar has dropped into the 20's.  I have learned that it is simple carbs/sugars that aid this, if I avoid these I don't have flucuations.

on 4/20/13 10:29 pm - Collinsville, IL
Topic: Happy 3 year :)

Hope you are all successful and living life to the fullest... I myself have done well diet wise, but have not dealt with the real issues yet and now have problems with don't think that the surgery fixes everything.  I am getting better now... but it is hard and humbling. 

on 10/7/12 6:46 am

my surgery was april 2010, since than I have these attacks, has anyone else had them?

on 8/15/12 5:28 pm
Topic: RE: Happy Anniversary :)
Better late than never - but congrads to all!

This past year has seen a lot of changes. Moved from OR back home to VA, separating from my hubby of almost 11yrs, seen my son start Kindergarten, about to see my daughter do the same thing next week!

Still losing, though not as much. I moved in June 2011 weighing 235 and I'm just about 195. I've been real slack on my protein intake. Thinking of doing the 5day pouch diet and cut my carbs. Had been taking something called Relora to help curb carb cravings. It works...I just don't have the money to buy it anymore =( So will now have to use willpower ;)

Hope the rest of you are doing well!!!
Karen ~ Had surgery 4-13-10!! Lost 30lbs in 3months pre-op
Highest 350 ~ surgery weight 297.5 ~ current 195 ~ goal 175 (August 2012)

Don J.
on 5/13/12 1:35 am - Garner, IA
Topic: RE: Happy Anniversary :)
 Happy belated birthday to all!

I am diffently celibrating the change in my life. Down from 350 to around 200.

Still tough when I find out something that does not go down or should I say comes up.

I have started training for my 1st 5K. 


HW 349/CW 197 

5K - Race with the Stars - 29:46 (11/03/12) . 13.1 - Spirit of Survival-Lawton, OK  - 2:30:16 (10/7/12) . Route 66 Tulsa Marathon. 6:19:15 (11/18/12)


on 2/2/12 3:16 am - FL
Topic: RE: What a difference a year makes!
Sweet! I love the fact that your career goal is not only tremendously healthy it will help others reach their nirvana.
Emily F.
on 1/1/12 11:04 pm
DS on 04/05/10 with
Topic: RE: Starting Over
btw, its not letting me message you bc we are not friends. I'd love to keep in touch.

feel free to friend me on fb, its easier to chat.
Emily F.
on 1/1/12 2:18 am
DS on 04/05/10 with
Topic: RE: Starting Over
On December 31, 2011 at 1:31 PM Pacific Time, Lisa Y. wrote:
Diet and exercise....
 Have you tried There is a phone app. You can set the goal of at least 60 g protein and less than 50 carbs. It will tell you at the end of the day "If everyday were like today, you would lose/gain 5 lb in 5 weeks". I just like that at the end and the exercise log is great to.
Lisa Y.
on 12/31/11 5:31 am
Topic: RE: Starting Over
Diet and exercise....
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