Cheating by supplementing HMR entrees with veggies during two week pre-op diet

on 12/29/18 5:20 am

I have been reading lots of old posts from people who cheated on their pre-op diet and I am one of those, except my cheat is a little different?it was spinach. I was initially told that my pre-op diet would be under 1200 calories and would include veggies, but when I went in, the nurse put me on 800-1000 calories and specifically said no veggies. That is hard because I love vegetables and the HMR entrees that I am on are disgusting beyond belief. I feel like adding veggies is the only way to choke them down and I know others in my practice were allowed them.

Do you think it would be really bad to add 25 calories of veggies like mushrooms, spinach, or broccoli to my daily entrée? Were you allowed veggies?

Also, I found some Healthy Choice Simply Steamers entrees with very similar protein, carbs, fats, and calories. Do you think I could eat those until closer to surgery? I really think requiring the HMR foods is a money making scam. Fortunately, it is only the entrees than I find intolerable.

Other than this, I am finding that I am not too hungry and my cravings are surprisingly under control, so I feel so relieved! I have already lost 4-7 pounds in only three days. Thanks in advance!

on 12/29/18 6:06 am
RNY on 08/21/12

I think that once we start cheating we rationalize cheating in other ways, and it the same thinking that got us onto the operating table.

Cheat in the other direction. Whatever they tell you it's ok to eat, eat less instead of extra.

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on 12/29/18 12:59 pm

That is a very helpful perspective. I think I will just skip the entrees altogether which at least solves one problem! Thanks!

Liz J.
on 12/29/18 1:04 pm - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

What's HMR?

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on 12/29/18 1:12 pm

Sorry, I should have explained that. It is a brand of meal replacements sold and required by my hospital. The multigrain cereal is good. The shakes and chicken soup are tolerable now that I figured out some good prep tricks. The entrees are shelf stable, so they taste mushy and not at all fresh. I would legit rather eat a cup of unflavored veggies than these nasty entrees.

Liz J.
on 12/29/18 1:18 pm - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

I think if you stayed under the calories for the day and you're eating healthy that you should be good. I love some of the Healthy Choice bowls, the one with broccoli, chicken w/white sauce has only 4 net carbs. Yummy too!

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on 12/29/18 2:57 pm

I think you should follow your surgeon's instructions. If you want to deviate, do not do so without getting your surgeon's approval. This is not the time to cheat or go off plan.

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 12/30/18 5:45 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

It might be worth calling your surgeons office and explaining how difficult it is for you to eat the entrees. Ask if you can add the spinach (or substitute something else).

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on 12/30/18 6:10 am

Thanks all so much for your replies! I don't want to call my surgeon's office because the nurse was completely lacking compassion when I asked if I could have any vegetables at my appointment. She was definitely the suck-it-up buttercup type if you know what I mean. I am seeing my dietitian (who is not a part of this practice) in a few days, so I think I will stick to the plan until then and then see if she has any ideas. Maybe some of the other entrees won't be as bad. Thanks again!

Mary Gee
on 12/30/18 9:14 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

I agree with you. It's a money-making scam.

I'd go for the Healthy Choice Steamers you found with similar stats.

Programs program only had a 24 hour (or maybe 48?) pre-op liquid diet. Others have two week "protein shakes only" diet, and I've seen two week "protein shakes and lite dinner" diets.


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