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on 6/17/24 1:27 pm
Topic: RE: Old timer dropping by! (2006)

Thanks... I'll check that and start reading!

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on 6/17/24 9:40 am - CA
Topic: RE: Old timer dropping by! (2006)

A number of bariatric surgeons out there do promote the use of the GLP-1 inhibitors as a companion to bariatrics, particularly for regain or unsatisfactory post op loss. Dr. Rabkin has mentioned it in the support groups as being appropriate in some cases. You might want to peruse Dr. Keshishian's site; he has an extensive collection of articles and blog posts on a wide variety of related and DS specific issue, so he likely covers it there.

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on 6/16/24 5:21 pm - Warren, OH
Topic: RE: Old timer dropping by! (2006)

For us high protein and low carb are healthy options but do not result in weight loss. The only way to lose weight is to consume less calories than we burn. To maintain 186 to 190 you are consuming 1860 to 1900 or more calories per day.

If you cut 350 calories a day you will lose one pound every ten days. Wegovy will cut your appetite and you will easily be able to eat less.

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on 6/16/24 11:54 am
Topic: Old timer dropping by! (2006)

Hi Everyone..

I'm about 17 or 18 years out from a 2 step DS by Dr. Inabnet at Columbia Presby in NYC. I was very active on the boards for the first few years and then life got in the way. I went from 430 and my current weight is 186. I go up and down between 180 and 190. I need to have some significant spinal cord surgery soon! And I'd like to be about 20 pounds less in order to rehab from it better.6

I tried the search feature in this forum for Wegovy, to see if anyone in this hive mind has any experiences with it. I'm trying to library search any papers on the effect with DS patients but haven't found much. I've been very strict in the past month with high protein low carb food plans but the scales not moving. (My 6 month labs are usually good and only need minor vitamin tweaking once in a while)

Anyone with resources on this to share? Or any practical info! And a very cheery hello if any other old times are still around!


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on 6/13/24 6:22 pm
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Topic: RE: Sleeve to do a Duodenal Switch revision.

Oh Patty, I feel that completely! I had a bad car accident (hit from behind) in 2015, and had back issues since, but finally wound up with Cauda Equina Syndrome & had to have emergency surgery in late January. I've struggled with mobility since. Still using a walker and soooo frustrated!

I had Sleeve Gasterectomy 14 years ago, but waited until we knew we didn't want more children to do the "second part," and am getting my SADI surgery June 26th. I'm ready to "reclaim" my life, and the things I want are not numbers on a scale or inches, they're the ability to walk without a cane or walker, do stairs without dying, fly without a seat extender, go to concerts/hockey games and walk to my seat, maybe cross my legs one day!!! lol ?

Looking forward to keeping up with everyone on this same journey!!

on 6/9/24 7:36 pm - St. Augustine, FL
Topic: RE: calcium/protein

I had DS surgery in April 2020. I too am experiencing low calcium, low protein, low vitamin D and low iron. Working the last year I have finally got my Vitamin D up to normal and my iron, while a little low, my ferritin level is in high end of normal. I am taking BlueBonnet liquid Calcium 3 times a day and iron twice daily, but not with the calcium. I am having protein test later this week. I am praying the protein and calcium is approaching normal. I am working with an endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic. I am not sure why yours isn't getting to normal. But know you are not alone. Hopefully You and I will both figure it out soon.

on 5/25/24 7:52 am
Topic: RE: Pending Disaster Re: Fish Antibiotics

Yes, I?ve heard about this issue. The FDA has indeed sent warning letters to manufacturers of fish antibiotics, including the supplier in Utah, to stop selling these products, likely due to their misuse by humans. This means we will now need to get a prescription from a doctor for Flagyl. It might be challenging with non-WLS doctors, but a DS surgeon should understand our needs. Does anyone have more information or alternative solutions?

on 5/20/24 7:24 pm
Topic: RE: Need help for my mom

I had an extensive gastric surgery in the mid 90's... I also have difficult absorbing. to get her levels where she needs to be , will have to be aggressive in supplementation. It has taken me several years and i keep tweaking mine as i find what works and what does not..

B1 and B2 are critical for nerve function.

, i was having tingling and urinary issues..I had to search for B supplement that was well rounded... and had high of all of the nutrients.. i found one by rexall. a B complex, and a second one at Sams club.. marked B complex..( is 9.99 for 300 tabs). very high in all of the needed B range..

... Re: Vitamin D, Needs D3, she will not have the gastric enzymes to change D2 to D3, so get her D3,

.. To increase protein.... cut veggies in half and increase protein ... My script was for 90 Grams for maintenance.... to change weight had to increase that by 15 grams..,

ADD: a gastric enzyme to at least 2 meals per day... it should be labeled for Fat, carb and protein digestion.. I have gotten substantial relief from these... I take 3 tabs 2 x a day...She should also be taking K2 in a mdr is 100mcg per day.. it is the mineral mover of the body and will help her maintain bone and teeth.

When i started on it i began with two per day/ at night with 200mg mag citrate, within a few days my leg cramps that were low level and muscle weakness went away... after a week i changed my K2 to 100mcirograms a day.. this is the common strength. of a stand alone k2..

For fatty liver... cut every sweetener.. every White food.all carbs possible.. leafy greens yes. cabbage, cauliflower, Yes.if she tolerates them.... Look at u tube video's on natural approaches to healing a fatty liver.What your doctor is recommending goes along well with those, that i have seen. it will give you both a better understanding of the why's of fatty liver... Liver can be healed in a few months with diet modification.

I too took what my dr recommended.. and i had osteopenia and lost almost every tooth in my head..guidelines changed and i did not get the memo...looks and feels like i have reversed that.. I fell about a year ago, and did not break anything... ( big snake frightened me and fell over own feet, trying to give him space.LOL )

on 5/19/24 8:55 pm
Topic: RE: Finally a Successful Anemia Drug

Hi Janet, Are you in Leesburg, Florida? I am asking because I live there. I wanted to know the name of your doctor that gave you the infusions as I am currently needing one. It seems so difficult to find a doctor that cares.
Thank you for any help on this.

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on 5/10/24 10:00 am - Warren, OH
Topic: RE: Need help for my mom

I am so sorry this is happening. She is the exception and most people do not have that type o experience. I do hope the feeding tube helps. Do they use the feeding tube to add more protein?

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