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on 4/22/21 2:42 pm
Topic: RE: Need serious help getting insurance approval.

Hello! My name is Genesis and I am representing Dr. Roslin's office. We would like to share our thoughts on the topic and make some clarifications:

Dr. Roslin was one of the many surgeons who started off performing the traditional duodenal switch, but after seeing the long term effects, he has since modified the operation. The purpose of these modifications is to provide the best balance between weight loss and significant micronutrient deficiencies. Dr. Roslin states that even surgeons who continue to perform the tradition duodenal switch have since begun to increase the length of the common channel. We have long believed that obesity is caused by an increase in fat, but we now understand that obesity is a hormonal disease and fat is not the culprit. Having a short common channel is likely to cause poor body composition and increase the likelihood of losing lean muscle and fat.

Dr. Roslin explains that, while people speak about weight loss as the metric of success, this is flawed. The goal is loss of adipose tissue without loss of muscle mass. When looking into these metrics, he has concerns for loss of muscle mass and micronutrient deficiencies with short common channels. Despite common belief, "thin" does not equate to being healthy. To reach your health goals, cardiovascular and respiratory fitness require adequate muscle mass to reach the desired metrics. The traditional duodenal switch with a short common channel can affect your body composition and this should be adequately monitored. Many patients will lose a disproportionate amount of muscle mass and this is what the modified version aims to prevent.

on 4/22/21 8:28 am
Topic: RE: 2 Years On Fortero for Osteoporosis

I have osteoporosis also. I was on Tymlos daily injections for 2 yrs. I had slight improvement. I was disappointed as with any medication you have to decide if the side effects are worth it. I felt so panicked when diagnosed I just blindly followed the recommendation for Tymlos. My doctor wants me to take Prolia next. I have refused. I took the time to research all osteoporosis meds and decided they aren't worth the side effect risks. Prolia for example, even after only one dose if you stop your bones will be more brittle and prone to break than before! So, for me, I have joined a high intensity workout gym, which research proves helps osteoporosis. I'm taking Vital Protein Collagen every morning and continuing to walk daily.
Just research and determine based on your knowledge of yourself what you feel is best! I hope whichever tout you choose you find healing!

on 4/20/21 7:24 am - MT
Topic: RE: Looking for Sleeve to DS Surgeon Recommendations Southern ID or Salt Lake Area

Thank You!

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on 4/19/21 5:52 pm
DS on 10/25/17
Topic: RE: Looking for Sleeve to DS Surgeon Recommendations Southern ID or Salt Lake Area

Rocky Mountain Bariatric. I'd recommend Dr. Paulk, but one of the surgeons should be able to help you. 801-268-3800

on 4/19/21 12:36 pm - MT
Topic: Looking for Sleeve to DS Surgeon Recommendations Southern ID or Salt Lake Area

HI, I had the sleeve done in 2011 and like some other people, the weight has crept back on. I'm in SW MT and there are not too many surgeons who do Bariatric Surgery or revisions/conversions here. I did contact a Surgeon in Billings who did sleeve and RNY, but he did not want to do the surgery on me and basically told me to live with the surgery I have and to lose the weight. I felt embarrassed and discouraged after the video call. So a few months later I have decided to move on and try to find a surgeon who actually does revisions/conversions for sleeve to DS.

Is there anyone out there who can recommend such a surgeon in southern ID or in the Salt Lake area?

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on 4/19/21 11:23 am - ddd, ME
Topic: RE: 6 weeks - weight still not budging :(

Hi all,

I need some help with somewhat of an off-topic question. I'm in the process of starting a weight loss company with a focus on bariatric surgery. We are in the process of selecting a name that resonates with the community.

Can you help us out by completing a quick 30-second survey? Thank you so much.

Here is the link: jpTtRaVSQ71PLq6E/edit

on 4/14/21 11:44 pm
Topic: RE: It's never lupus!

Have you ever noticed it's around your periods?

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on 4/13/21 8:12 am, edited 4/13/21 8:14 am - Irvine, CA
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on 4/11/21 10:09 am
Topic: RE: Revision from RNY to DS

What will stop me from gaining it back? Well, I don't know that there are any guarantees, but I know what contributed to my weight gain. Since my RNY, I went through several years of infertility treatment (multiple IUIs w/ injectable meds and IVF) which resulted in 3 wonderful children - a singleton and a set of twins. I retained a little baby weight in between pregnancies, but not that much. After my twins were born, I made the mistake of having an IUD inserted to help with some of the nasty post-twin birth issues. I say it was a mistake because while it helped in some areas, I didn't realize it didn't have any hormonal qualities that would keep my PCOS in check. Quite frankly, I have to be on some kind of estrogen otherwise the free testosterone in my body skyrockets causing all kinds of issues, including weight gain. I should have researched it more before I agreed to the IUD so that's on me. I was on the IUD for 2 years and that's when I gained most of my weight back. I had it removed, and went back on oral birth control pills, but the damage was done. I also spent a year dealing with the death of my father and making multiple trips out of state to make funeral arrangements, clean out his house...etc.

I don't plan on having any more children so there won't be any infertility treatments or pregnancies in my future. I'm never having another IUD put in. I'm working with an endocrinologist to help manage my PCOS and get the side effects under control, since unfortunately there's no cure for PCOS. I'll also have to be more diligent about my diet. I have a child with cerebral palsy so there are lots of doctor, specialist and physical therapy appointments, and I have a very demanding full-time job so I tend to skip meals and grab snacks on my way out the door. I need to start making myself and my health a priority rather than putting myself last. That's probably going to be my biggest challenge.

on 4/11/21 9:22 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15
Topic: RE: Revision from RNY to DS
On April 10, 2021 at 11:16 AM Pacific Time, Samara20 wrote:

Hi. I had RNY almost 15 years ago and lost about 150 lbs but have regained about 80 of that. I've tried the various diet plans and can lose about 15 lbs before I stop losing again. I met with a surgeon yesterday to see what my options were for a revision. He said basically my only option is converting to a Dudoenal Switch. I was very surprised because I'd seen a non-surgical option on a video from his website, so thought that's what he was going to suggest.

Anyway, I'm starting the process whi*****ludes a GI study, endoscopy, meeting with an endocrinologist and dietician, getting updated bloodwork and starting a medical weight loss program for 6 months. Honestly, I'm hoping I can lose the weight without the revision.

The surgeon was pretty up front and said the revision from RNY to DS is a big surgery, has the highest 30 day risk out of all the bariatric surgery options and that the aftercare/malabsorption is twice as bad as RNY. He said I'll need to double-up on my multi-vitamin, plus add in Vits A, E and K. I'm already on prescription Vit D pills once a week and B-12 shots twice a month. I've also had two blood transfusions, several iron infusions and am monitored every 6 months by my hematologist.

I'm sure the surgeon was just trying to be thorough and not sugar-coat anything but I left the appointment feeling very discouraged. Is the RNY to DS revision as awful as he made it out to be? Do I have any chance of losing weight through a medical weight loss program? I actually had a consultation with their program 4 years ago and at the time, all they told me to do was eat low carb/high protein - and they tried to get me to buy their brand of supplements which were extremely expensive. The surgeon said they now have options to prescribe medication along with their program so that might change things. I'm just very discouraged and not sure what to do.

I didn't have a RNY but I do have a DS.

you may can lose the weight on a medical diet but css as n you keep the weight off?
you regained it the first time. What will stop you from gaining it back this time, without the DS?