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on 1/23/22 7:39 pm
Topic: RE: HELP! I want to get back to my lowest weight

Don't be too aggressive up front with the diet or you'll fizzle out quickly with no results or be more inclined to cheat. Start with incremental improvements (cutting out fruit juice, eating earlier so you digest before bed, more veggies, less sugar, etc) then once you get in a rhythm and feeling better, seeing some small improvement, try ramping it up a little at a time.

on 1/22/22 6:16 pm - TX
VSG on 10/02/12
Topic: RE: Resleeve with DS

I am in talks to get a DS from VSG. I was told that I won't need to be resleeved since we need to eat more due to the malabsorption. I don't know how much you need to lose but maybe he felt you would loose too much and get malnourished? I would go ahead and ask since you did pay out of pocket. Did you have to pay more for the resleeve? Hope you are feeling great.

 5' 8.75" HW 278 / Doctor supervised Diet 271 / SW 247 / Doctor's goal 175 / Personal Goal 167/ Current weight 155/  M1: 24.8  M2: 10.8  M3: 10.8  M4: 10.4  M5: 7.6  M6: 10.6  M7:  6.6  M8:  5.6  M9:  5.0



on 1/17/22 8:26 pm
VSG on 09/30/15
Topic: RE: DS in Florida

French fries & white bread are my weaknesses, but I don't want to deal with horrible gas so I'll have to let them go! Lol

Thanks for the well wishes! I'll definitely stay in touch. ?

on 1/17/22 8:14 pm
DS on 02/13/12 with
Topic: RE: DS in Florida

Actually, my DS surgery was originally in 2012 in CA with Dr Keshishian - so I'm nearly 10 years out already! My weight loss was great - although I was a 'lightweight,' as they call it. At 5'1" I was 185, so I didn't meet the criteria for insurance coverage, but really wanted it because I have a metabolic disorder. Fortunately, my mother helped me pay for it. I got nearly to my goal of 140. (I was 58 at the time of my original surgery.)

Seven years later, my weight began to creep up to 165. I could eat a lot and knew something wasn't right. Since I was in FL then, I met with Dr Smith and he ordered tests which showed that my sleeve was way too big - either it had stretched or my original surgery left too large a sleeve. So, in April 2019, he did a revision of my sleeve. After that, I reached my goal of 140 and have kept it there ever since! I have found a little extra fat helps me look a little younger. :-)

The duodenal switch part of the surgery is the most effective - just make sure you take all the vitamins/supplements because it is easy to become deficient. I'm deficient in copper and have to take 8mg a day. Also, make sure you eat plenty of protein. Carbs will always be your enemy - even more so, refined carbs (white bread, pastry dough etc) because it will give you horrible gas issues! Follow the ds forums wherever you can - I learned more from them than I did the surgeon or the nutritionist!

All that being said, Dr. Smith was great - very kind and his staff is supportive.

I wish you well! Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing.


on 1/17/22 4:10 pm
VSG on 09/30/15
Topic: RE: DS in Florida

Hi! I'm going through the process of having the sleeve conversion to DS with Dr Smith. When I got my sleeve done I lived in Tampa. Had I done my research, I would've made the trip to Dr Smith & wouldn't be having a 2nd surgery. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. How has your weight loss been since the conversion?

on 1/17/22 4:07 pm
Topic: RE: HELP! I want to get back to my lowest weight

Sunshine,It sounds like many medical things are in play(with orig. one posting) ..that have ganged up, to cause lack of mobility and subsequent weight re gain..

.I agree whole heartily with intermittent fasting.combined with high protein, low carb . Tracking protein, limiting carbs to less than 40 day...adequate water and adding some kind of exercise at least 3 days/week. i am beginning to have better blood sugar stability and have begun a slow weight loss.,I have been intentionally doing intermittent fasting for about 2 weeks.

...I agree with walking, however, telling someone to walk only helps if they are able to do it, and it requires a commitment to that I never had long term.- is not happening in cold or wet..... It is one of the easiest and requires No extra equipment..

..I have found the little " add-ons" easier for me to do long term. park out in the parking lot when going to purchase groceries., if able /available.. .climb a level of stairs extra. Get up and walk thru every room in the house 3 times,.. do that several times a day. Every step counts, especially when anyone is debilitated...and just beginning to get back on track..

another thing to add steps:. When shopping make an extra loop or two around the grocery store.

also limit stress as much as possible. increased stress increases cortizol.and Cause weight gain...

the different weight loss systems/companies NEVER worked for me. If it didn't work before surgery, why would it ever work after.?

on 1/17/22 3:41 pm
Topic: RE: HELP! I want to get back to my lowest weight

Go back to your diet plan...

NOT liquid one, but the protein w/ limited carbs.

and combine that with intermittent fasting...which is not a strict diet per-se. but a method of eating all foods in a tighter window..In this you set your goals and work your time to what you desire... there are you tube video's on how it is best accomplished.

For this to be effective one can do this 3 or 4 times a week, and work up to the goal time that is most effective for you...instead of eating at 7,12,5.. eat all food intake/calories in 2pm- 7pm time frame. giving a long fasting time..with water, plain coffee,

Hubs takes his ACV and med supplements during his morning wake up ritual..he was either brave or desperate- he began it with a 22 hour fast, and has done 2 36 hour fasts...he has dropped more than a pants size n about weeks.( he did not have WLS) he was to a 40waist, and today put on a pair of 36's- they were too tight to be comfortable but he got them fastened..

. avoid artificial sweetners/chemical additives... they make some people hungry. I have swapped to "pyure stevia" and occ. mung fruit. I am doing about 14 hours most of the That is a far cry form the q 4hour intervals i was eating.....I have low blood sugar issues so if my sugar goes wacky i am off it for a few days til stable.... hope this gives you another tool in your tool box.

on 1/15/22 10:09 pm
Topic: RE: Revision surgery with Dr Gagner

I was originally planning on DS but my surgeon was an expert in both Hess DS and Sadi DS. He recommends Sadi for most patients. It's been performed since 2008 with great success comparable to Hess DS but far less vitamins and malabsorption issues. I'm in year 8 post wls and can eat an elephant a day and still be the thinnest person in the room. The Sadi works and is recommended by experienced surgeons for a reason. As long as your surgeon is qualified to perform both surgeries, then he or she is probably right on whatever they are recommending.

Fyi - Shorter common channels definitely cause higher malabsorption risk but not higher weight loss. Sometimes you get better results with more balance.

on 1/15/22 10:53 am
Topic: RE: HELP! I want to get back to my lowest weight

Buy some sort of a fitness tracker and for 2 weeks, track your exercise and every bite of food you eat. When the 2 weeks are up analyze the results. This should tell you what you need to change. Weigh at the beginning and the end of the 2 weeks. Don't try to diet, just be normal.

Just saying eat less doesn't work. Maybe you need to eat more of different things.

on 1/14/22 12:00 am
Topic: RE: What on the menu today?

I find these threads so helpful. Thank you LizJ!!!

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