Need help; just starting to walk/run on treadmill

on 4/2/12 1:52 am
 Hi everyone, just need some support and training help.  I'm 6 months out and have worked up to walking - running.  I am up to intervals of 5 to 10 minutes of each.  Now that I'm expending more calories, what should I aim for in protein intake per day?  I was just about even at my 6 month check up, but just barely.  

Also any preferences on running shoes?  I'm clueless as to what to look for.  I'm using cross training shoes at the moment but do not want t injure my feet.  

Thanks for any input and I look forward to joining the ranks of 5 K runners by the end of the year.
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Kim H.
on 4/2/12 8:00 am - VA
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I'm doing the same as you- it's fun to see how much progress we're making isn't it? As for the shoes, go to a running store that can film you while you jog to see what you need. Just call around or use this:,7978,s6-240-417-0-0,00.html

You didn't mention where you were on the protein front so I can't really say where you need to go. I would touch base with your registered dietitian and see what they advise. Otherwise, when I feel like I need it I do half a shake for a post-workout snack (with milk) or a whole one without milk. Typically, I need some sort of carb snack- like banana or apple before I workout so I don't get dizzy or nauseated. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work. :)
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Scott William
on 4/2/12 10:19 am
For running shoes I would go to a running shoe store and get fitted properly. You will probably be in the $100 range but you will leave feeling like you are walking on air!

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on 4/10/12 8:25 am
 Thanks everyone one, I will find a store with the video thing, and let you know.  
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