Thursday Workouts!

on 1/17/13 7:23 am - Collierville, TN

5 miles.   I am surprised at how good I felt.  This makes my first week of swim, bike, run with specific goals.  What were you up to today?


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on 1/17/13 8:12 am

5 miles here too, on the treadmill.

on 1/17/13 8:45 am - Ottawa, Canada

2.5 miles after a knee injury and one hour of weights. I do this four to five times a week. 

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Jillian O.
on 1/17/13 10:08 am - Fort Riley, KS

Did a 6.2 mile run this morning

Later this afternoon the man in brown (UPS) brought me my brand new Newton running shoes, I just had to take them for a test ride, so I did a 1 mile run in 7:13. Really like them so far.

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on 1/18/13 4:34 am - Round Rock, TX
VSG on 02/17/11 with

4 quick (for me) and (fairly) easy miles running.

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