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on 9/9/17 9:52 am - GA

I'm a new runner and I am training for a half marathon. I had RNY 7 years ago. I am curious what people who are distance runners eat before a run. I am not afraid of carbs but I do react poorly to them sometimes. I would also love to know what you guys eat on runs cause all the gels and bars I have seen have way too my sugar for my system.

Thanks for any tips or advice.

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Gwen M.
on 9/10/17 3:21 pm
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When I'm training and on a long run day, I'll do a single Clif Blok every 2 miles. For short runs, I do nothing. For me, a long run here is anything more than an hour. Less than an hour, I add nothing to my diet.

On actual race day, I will eat a protein bar in the morning. If there are bananas out at the race, I might have a banana pre-race as well. Then I have a single Clif Blok every 2 miles.

I also, of course, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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on 9/10/17 6:48 pm - Canada

It has taken me years to figure out what my stomach will handle. Each of us is so different. For my long runs i have found a gel that is maple syrup, salt and ginger. As we all know ginger helps settle the stomach and this has worked for me. The best part is I can take half of it and put the lid on it and take the other half later. I do a bagel real early on the race day. There are gels out there that are low in sugar i have used them. I can not eat anything solid during the run or I will be looking for the bathroom. Until you figure out what your stomach will handle make sure you run where there are washrooms

on 9/12/17 5:43 am

Before a run is usually nothing unless it's going to be over 3 hours. During the run is usually nothing unless it's going to be a hard 2 hours or 3+ easy hours. For during the run, I've come to like Tailwind, but my best advice is to try literally everything you can. Only you will be able to tell what will work. It took a lot of experimenting with all kinds of real food and "running" food. I still use gels sometimes. Honey Stinger Waffles work good too. Full sugar soda is pretty good during a real long one. I've had luck with fruit like dates and raisins. Even had a bacon grilled cheese during my last Ultra. Like I said, lots of experimenting. Good luck! Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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on 1/11/18 1:16 am

I'm a new runner too. I'm now training for marathon and 50 miles distance.

I've read many sources of nutrition guide for runners who want to run more than a 10k race.

They said many things, I almost die on these words.....

I didn't say that they are wrong but I want you to know that the most important in a >21k race is that you find a suitable nutrition flow for your own.

Btw, here what I eat before every longrun.

- Two days before longrun: I usually have a high calories breakfast and lunch plus some fruit (I usually eat 1 - 2 bananas each meal a day). I think you wouldn't want to eat to much on evening. Then I whatever I want but I focus more on fruit.

  • On running day: Because I usually run long run in the morning. I tried to get up early and have a two glasses of water (don't drink cold water) follow up with two eggs and bread breakfast.

    - When running: remember to hydrate every 1-2 miles. Don't drink too much.. I usually eat a half of a banana for every 45-60 mins. Many of my friends prefer GU GEL but I hate this smell :
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