weekly work out 1:22:18

on 1/21/18 6:18 pm - Canada

The last two days have sort of nice outside so hoping it stays this way or better yet gets warmer. Nicer for those outdoor runs

Monday work and lots of walking

Tue hill run and strength training

Wed master swim

Thursday hour run

Friday barre class

Saturday 2 hour run

sunday hoping to have bike on trainer and ride for 30 minutes

on 1/22/18 9:57 am - PA
VSG on 08/23/16

Monday - nothing - daughter 2s birthday so family stuff.

Tuesday - 1 hour with trainer

Wednesday - 2.5 hours fencing

Thursday - 1 hour pilates

Friday-Sunday - miles and miles of walking, running and yelling. I'm coordinating a conference for 500 people so I'll be a mad woman.

Have a great week everyone!

Keep on losing!


HW 271.5 (April 2016) SW 246.9 (8/23/16) CW 158 (5/2/18)

on 1/22/18 12:11 pm
RNY on 03/29/17 with

Bike tires needed air so skipped the commute on the FIRST DAY IN FOREVER THAT I COULD HAVE RIDDEN IN :( But I've walked up the stairs 2.5 times today (32 floors) so that's something.

I'm still training for a sprint Tri in the spring and an Olympic length in the fall. I haven't been running in forever so I'm starting back with very light 30 minutes slow runs where I'll walk if needed. My swimming is slowly building up since I stopped using my "cheat" swim snorkel - I'm following the 1 km swim set posted at my pool (it changes up weekly) and once I feel like I can do it at a decent speed I'll lengthen the free style ladders to eventually reach a mile. I'd like to be swimming 1 mile, once a week, and about a half mile on the other day(s) assuming I can eventually get in three swims a week. My goals for the sprint tri and the Olympic length tri is to simply fini**** before the volunteers go home :)

I've signed up for a half marathon this April, at the 3 hour (walking pace) time with a goal of running the entire time. My weight is holding steady around 142-145 which I expect may go up some as I start lifting again before I see another drop. My ultimate goal is a fit 115 or 120. I have small bones.

Monday - 40 minutes steps (actual stairs not a machine) 32 floors 2.5 times, Slow run 30 minutes

Tuesday- 1 KM swim AM, 30 minutes of stairs or bike to work (5 miles each way), weights at lunch

Wednesday - 30 minutes of stairs, 30 minutes slow run (inside track if weather doesn't cooperate)

Thursday - 1 KM swim AM, Bike to work weather permitting, otherwise 30 minutes stairs, weights at lunch

Friday - 30 minutes stairs, 30 minute run (indoor track if weather requires)

Saturday - farm work (cutting down and dragging away saplings that have invaded the hay field plus cutting some firewood time permitting - lots of short bursts of work with lags between for saw sharpening etc)

Sunday- 2 or 3 hours of light hiking (marking maples trees for tapping) really it's a rest day but I'll be active stomping around in the woods, stepping over downed logs, clearing some brush etc...

5'4" 49yrs at surgery date

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on 1/22/18 4:17 pm - Canada

If you need any advice with your tri training let me know be willing to help you. I am going to do a half ironman in sept.

on 1/23/18 6:00 am

Last big week before Black Canyon 100k

Monday-gym and 8 mile run

Tuesday-11 mile run

Wednesday-6 mile AM, 6 mile PM

Thursday-7 mile run w/ speedwork

Friday-6 mile trail run

Saturday-25 mile trail run

Sunday-12 mile trail run

VSG:  3/12/15

on 1/23/18 7:12 pm - Canada

Good luck on black canyon 100k. Let me know how it goes. can not wait to hear about it

on 1/24/18 7:11 am

Thanks. It should be exciting. It will be the first race I've done that has a stellar elite field. Too bad I'll only see them for about .25 mile at the beginning.

VSG:  3/12/15

on 1/24/18 5:17 pm - Canada

i know the feeling of the elite runners. I do around the bay and there is huge group of elite runners and I get to see them as I walk to the start line. My friend is one and to watch him run is amazing

Gwen M.
on 1/23/18 4:25 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

I've been able to start running again!!! I'm doing 1 min running to 4 min walking, but got to restart somewhere :)

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: run, yoga stretching
Wednesday: pilates class, yoga class
Thursday: run, yoga stretching
Friday: zenga class, tai chi class, pilates class
Saturday: hopefully a walk with my mom
Sunday: ping pong!

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on 1/23/18 7:13 pm - Canada

baby steps. you got this girl before you know it you will be doing 5 and 1 and going up and up

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