HELP! Can't stop eatting!

on 4/6/17 6:42 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 03/15/10

HELP! I can not stop feeling hungry! I don't know why? I worked really hard to lose the 5lbs. that I was wanting to lose (I was about 156lbs, down to 145lbs.). I am now at 158lbs. again, and I can't stop wanting to eat, and it's all carbs that my body is craving! I worked so hard at diet and portion size and food journaling to lose those 10lbs., then, I don't know what happened, I just got this hunger, and can't stop. I'm freaking out! What's the best way to beat the demon in our heads that makes us want to eat and eat?! I need help, suggestions, anything.



Cecily C.
on 4/7/17 1:03 pm - CA
VSG on 02/22/17

I would repost this in the General Discussion forum. That's where the vets who can help you are most like to find this. I would give you advice, but I'm too new at this to be of any help. Good luck!

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on 4/10/17 7:59 am - Sunny Southern, CA

Planning meals helps... then don't eat off that plan.

Don't bring it in the house... create a safe zone.

Set yourself up for success with healthier foods, snacks that you love around you.

But ultimately... above the neck work... therapy (highly recommend!)

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Gwen M.
on 4/23/17 10:56 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Are you seeing a therapist?

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on 4/23/17 4:10 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 03/15/10

Yes, I am. And I am going to go back to see my nutritionist here in the next week. So i am looking forward to that. I need to see her to get back on track to help me get to where I need to be as far as my eating concerns.

on 5/1/17 7:12 pm

Not only you. I have seen many guys are trying hard to lose weight but don't want to stop eating somehow. It's logical for the real food lovers. However, I think a well planned dieting can help you in this case to recover your hunger. Good luck!

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on 5/18/17 11:12 pm, edited 6/12/18 6:19 pm
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Hello guys! Can anyone advise me where i can find some good low carb meal plans? Which ones work best? Should I cut carbs completely? and diet pills that work fast

Thanks in advance!!!

on 5/19/17 8:23 am

I find that if I limit my carbs to 30 grams or less a day, I have better results. I do this by following the Ketogenic diet guidelines. You can also follow Atkins guidelines. When I start to allow more carbs, I find that I'm hungry all the time and will eat more. Plus, I log all my food on the My Fitness Pal app to help keep me accountable. I eliminate as much sugar as I possibly can and try not to eat any wheat products or starchy vegetables. I carefully read labels and do my best to watch what I eat. I'm much more diligent now than I was before my surgery. If I get too much sugar, wheat products, or starchy veggies, I find that I get really hungry and I don't feel well--like when you get a sugar rush. Also, when I eat too many carbs, I don't always make the healthiest choices in my food intake, which, in turn, makes me feel sick. If this happened before my surgery, I don't remember it.

on 6/18/17 2:25 pm

No need to starve yourself. Drink Mummy magic weight loss tea 3xday before your meals and you'll definitely lose your extra weight.

on 11/4/18 11:26 pm
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