post op diet help

on 12/21/18 11:15 pm


my bmi is 47 and i have a few obesity

complications and im 54

but i cant get wls for numerous reasons.

can someone please help me

by giving me a post op diet plan?

just a general one as i know people

get different ones depending on their surgeons

and im aware that i wont have the advantage

of the lost appetite some people get

but i am hungry all the time anyway.

i just need the recommended foods

and amounts and frequency.

thanks so much

on 12/23/18 12:03 am

there is a great website with tons of free info, videos on a low carb, moderate protein diet. people like us with high BMI who got to normal weight without WLS!

the basic pre- or post op WLS diet is meat and veggies, no cereals, bread, sugar foods, desserts, juices. some really motivation info and recipes, tips. I love it, keeps me going.

If you have seen 600# people surgery TV show the Dr puts them on a 1200 calorie low carb, mod. protein diet. 1200 is too low for me so I am doing good at 1500

there is a lady who is losing 100lbs she relates her journey & meal plan at

on 12/23/18 10:35 am

what would be the portion sizes

and frequency or number of meals?

Gwen M.
on 12/30/18 3:52 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Most of us find success with high protein, low carb, and not worrying too much about fats.

60-80 grams of protein/day, ~800 calories during weight loss.

I do three meals a day with no snacks and my meals are 4-6 ounces, depending on what I'm eating.

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