Off track after miscarriage...anyone else?

on 3/23/11 11:17 am - Baltimore, MD
 I had lap band 1/09 and was very pleased with my progress.  I got down to within 5 lbs of my goal weight and had found my sweet spot.  My husband and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant in July.  I had my band unfilled and admittedly probably went a little too hog wild!! Sadly we lost our baby (our first pregnancy) in September.  Ever since then  I have had trouble getting back to my sweet spot. I was at a perfect place and I cannot seem to get back there.  I have gained 15-20lbs.  Enough already...I need to get back on track. Anyone have similar experience or words of encouragement??? Thanks!!


on 3/23/11 11:51 am - Chester, NY
I am sorry for your loss. I had a MC too in the fall.
Do you remember how many CC's were in your band when they unfilled it? I would say, just ask to go back to that. they probably have the exact amount in your file. In the future, you do not need to unfill your band because of pregnancy (unless you cannot keep anything down).
I also had a band. One of my favorite foods that kept me full for a long time was cottage cheese. I liked the Breakstones 2% the best. Not exactly a slider food but doesn't put pressure on your pouch if you eat a little too much.
Good luck

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on 3/23/11 12:19 pm - Halsey, OR
I'm sorry for your loss. I had to be unfilled after my daughter was born and was doing great before then. I have the same amount of fluid in my band right now that I had previously and the band is definately not the same. The mornings are super tight and I even have to be careful about fluids then in the evenings it's like I'm unfilled again. It's crazy. I never had that issue before, it was at a perfect spot and I didn't have the fluctuations in tightness like I do now. I'm hoping that I can get it under control, and if not, at least get myself under control.
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on 3/23/11 10:42 pm - Coatesville, PA
I do not have first hand experience of what happened with the band etc.  (although I did have a miscarriage years ago).

Rededication to the plan is something ongoing for all of us.  Its even harder when mentally you are not in the zone. 

Try lots of things till one sticks:
things that come to mind for me:

Set a goal that encourages you to do well.  I.e Lose 2 lbs by X date
Go back to Stage 1 post op to get you motivated
Attend support groups if you don't already or create your own support group meetings.
Remove all food items within reach that are on the 'not sweet spot' list  (throw them away)

these are just a few ideas and they may or may not be right for you.  Good luck and hugs for your loss.
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