Expecting 2nd child- Vitamins?

on 4/11/11 3:53 am - indio, CA
Hi everyone. I had RNY 3 years ago and am now expecting my 2nd child. I have a 10 year old son whom I had before WLS. I was wondering...do I still need to do chewable vitamins? My OB prescribed me regular prenatals, iron, folic acid, and fish oil even though he knows about my RNY. Is this because it's been so long ago that it's okay? Am I, and is the baby absorbing all the nutrients? I am able to eat aaaalmost normal portion sizes. I can finish a Lean Cuisine anyway. Any advice would be great.

Also I had a TT and Breast Aug/lift last September. No. We did NOT plan this pregnancy LOL. So anyone else with experience in that department that wants to "weigh in" ;) Please do. I'm full of questions.
on 4/11/11 5:49 am
Make sure your dr's monitoring your labs.  If they're coming fine, then your vits are fine...if they start to dive, you might need to move to chewable vits. I do believe there are chewable pre-natals out there - hopefully someone will pop in and tell you about them.  Do make sure you have him check your full labs every few months just to monitor things and adjust your vits as needed, no matter which ones are going wonky.  If the vits are in your system, the baby will get his/hers.  You're the one who will suffer deficiency well before the baby would. 

There are women on here who've had TT and breast augment/lifts done...they'll probably answer whatever questions about that.  If not - do another post separating that in the title (ie 'pregnancy after TT and breast augment/lift' just in case they haven't seen this post.

Welcome and good luck.  I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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on 4/11/11 7:28 am - indio, CA

Thanks! My labs from my first visit at 6 weeks came out normal save for iron. So I had to increase that, and am back on the sub lingual b-12 as of today. I'm not sure how thorough a panel they do, but nothing came back of concern but the iron which is pretty common even in women who have not had WLS. Then just this last Thursday they did a first trimester screening? They just took one vial of blood that time. But I will definitely bring up frequent labs at my next visit in May. Thanks for the imput! 

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