4D ultrasound :)

on 8/15/11 9:43 am, edited 8/15/11 9:47 am - indio, CA
We had our 4D ultrasound (why do they call it that? I didn't get sprayed by baby juices and there was no smell-o-vision??) and it was awesome! I don't know how to get the video up on here but I have a photo. I'll try to embed the video but I don't know if it will work.

Anyway, it was such an amazing process! She is already so cute and I think she's got my nose and chin but looks a lot like my fiance. So excited! Can't wait to meet her in 9 weeks!

on 8/15/11 11:37 am - rockwell, NC
awww so precious!
on 8/15/11 1:19 pm - Skowhegan, ME
Awwwww !!! So cute   Now i wish mine was a 3 or 4D tommrow but i get the old kind

Congrats !!!!!

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Lilypie - (cQ91)

on 8/15/11 11:17 pm - Killeen, TX
YAY! So cute!  I have my 3d/4d ultrasound next Thursday! Can't wait to see my little man!  :)
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on 8/16/11 5:14 am - indio, CA

Thanks everyone! 

You're going to love your 4D ultrasound! I'm so glad I did it. She'll have a great keepsake to look at when she's older. And so will I when I'm bawling my eyes out because she's gone off to college!

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