Def. TMI

Megan H.
on 11/3/11 9:56 am - ROMULUS, MI

Alright everyone this one will be gross lol


I am 22 weeks preggo with our first girl (we have 3 boys 4.5 yrs and under) This is baby number 2 post RYN.  But this chick is one mean puppy.  I have been violently ill the entire time and its not letting up.  I have had morning sickness the entire time with all the others but this one is just awful.  Not to mention the gas.  I have always been a gassy person.  I find it funny and rather enjoyed it at times lol.  My dad and brother called me Dumpster butt lol.  Well the last week this gas is HORRIFIC.  There is no reason for it at all.  Its just plain bad.  My stomach just feels dirty.  My husband doesn't understand what I am talking about but it just feels dirty.  Can we take a probiotic while we are pregnant?  Will that help me feel "clean" again?  I am just miserable with it all.

Thanks for reading and sorry if I grossed you out :) 


Nikki M.
on 11/3/11 11:39 am
I don't see why you couldn't take a probiotic while pregnant? I take one daily due to chronic loose stool from taking metformin... it really helps me not feel like I'm rotting from the inside out. Good luck!

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