Spinal Block didn't take

Megan H.
on 3/10/12 7:43 am - ROMULUS, MI

Hey everyone.  Emma made her enterance into the world on Tuesday.  It was the greatest and worst day of my life.  She was healthy don't get me wrong but from the Iv to the last staple NOTHING went right.  This was my 4th c-section. 2nd since my RYN in 2008.

It took 3 tries which isn't bad for my IV but it ended up in the crease of my arm because my veins were rolling.  The cathiter hurt a little bit but that wasn't bad.  I didn't have to drink the nasty brown cup of crap because I throw it up anyways.  They took me back to get my spinal and the dr that does that was ROUGH.  It was going smooth but again 3 tries.  He got it in and every other time by the time I laid back on the Jesus board I was numb, NOT THIS TIME.  I kept moving my toes and saying DONT CUT ME YET I CAN STILL MOVE MY TOES.  Long story short my spinal never fully kicked in and I spent my entire surgery practically arguing with the spinal dr that I could feel things and it HURT and I was having a hard time breathing (hubby watched my heart rate drop to 54).  The did not take me seriously and told me to hang in there hang in there hang in there and once the baby was taken out and I SCREAMED from the pain they gave me a little extra to help keep me comfortable.  I FELT EVERYTHING.  Not sharp cutting pains but PAIN.  My surgery was at 10 and it too****il after 6pm to get my pain "regulated" to the point of it being tolerable.  I spent my day with my visitors crying in pain.  My best friend came in 2 nights later and peeked around the corner to see if I was okay.  I asked what she was doing and she started laughing and said "just seeing if it looked like you were the exorcist still".  WOW really lol.  She was right though I looked rough.  The nurse that followed me throughout my entire surgery day came to see me and said she just didn't understand why my body wouldn't regulate and why everything was just so bad for me that day.  UGH!  I wish I knew.

I am home now with Emma and so far so good.  However, I have thrown up twice and its hard when you are stapled together.  I am still tired and very much in pain but it could be worse.

Emma was 6lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long.  She is a cutie.

Thanks for reading.

on 3/10/12 11:27 pm - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
First congrats on your healthy baby girl!!  Wow, what an awful time you had.... I'm so sorry it was so rough!!!!!  Hope the healing goes smoothly!!!

Best wishes!
on 3/11/12 12:37 am
First off, congratulations!  So glad that everyone is doing well (now, anyway).

I totally understand your pain.  This sounds like I could have written it after the birth of my daughter.  I went through 3 days of labor and 2 hours of pushing before the doctors decided she just wasn't going to fit and that I should have a c-section.  Since I'd had a epidural from labor, they decided not to do a spinal.  I felt EVERYHTING!!!  They kept telling me "it's not pain, it's pressure"... yeah right!  Pain is pain!  When they first cut me open I could feel the scalpel going across my skin and tried to get them to stop, but they said "some sensation is fine, as long as you're not feeling sharp pains".  It sure didn't feel fine!  At some point, after the baby was out, they ended up putting me totally under because I was throwing up and going into shock.  It was horrible!  So glad I was able to have a successful VBAC with my second because I was terrified of reliving that experience!  No one understood how bad it was and kept treating me like I was just overreacting.   I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone!  So glad to hear you're recovering well!

~ Paula
HW/SW/Original Goal/CW/New Goal 
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Becca R.
on 3/11/12 6:25 am - WA
Congrats and Happy birthday Emma! Im sooo sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience though. I hope your recovery goes smoothly so you can enjoy that sweet new bundle of yours! :)
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