on 7/7/12 5:13 am - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
Are you still here??  Anything happening more in way of contractions?  Hope all is well!
Dev *.
on 7/9/12 12:00 am - Austin, TX
Still here! Nothing going on. I made it past the two hurdles I wanted to get past; Rowan's birthday party and my MIL arriving to help out, so things can now proceed as far as I'm concerned!
I have an appointment this afternoon and I think they are going to make us pick a date to induce if nothing happens before then. I'm guessing they'll want me to aim for this Wednesday or Thursday. I'm not really due until the 13th, but they estimate baby is already 8 lbs so I don't think they're going to let me go past my due date.
I was feeling really horrible Saturday and worried I was going to go into labor, but I think it was a combination of the cold I've caught and some bad GI issues (I was close to logging in here to ask everyone what an intestinal blockage feels like). I perked up Sunday and today I'm back to feeling like an able-bodied human being

Banded 03/22/06  276/261/184 (highest/surgery/lowest)

Sleeved 07/11/2013  228/165 (surgery/current) (111lbs lost)

Mom to two of the cutest boys on earth.

on 7/9/12 4:24 am - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
GLad you made it through the party and that MIL is there now.  Glad you're feeling better than you were on Sat.  that's just what you need on top of being VERY preggers... GI stuff...

Hope it's a good appointment!  Keep us posted!  Almost there now!!!

Best wishes!!
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