need tips for wife

on 6/17/16 10:16 am

Hello everybody how are you doing? Let me get to the reason im on here my wife is pregnant and she had the rny and she is used to drinking her protein but lately the protein is upsetting her little stomach.  We are wondering if their's any tips somebody can give us or point us in the right direction we are so lost and dont know what to do this is new to us we had a routine and now we feel so lost any help will do thank you.

Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 6/20/16 9:26 am
VSG on 12/10/13

Having your routine thrown off SUCKS! Especially if you're queasy in the first trimester and eating is weird. I never threw up, but I was nauseous 24/7 until week 13 or 14.

Has she tried different kinds of protein? Whey protein made me gag, so I tried a few different kinds than the ones I drank pre-pregnancy and had better luck. Egg and pea protein worked really well for me. If you visit the vitamin store, you can usually get single-serve packages so you don't buy a whole tub of something you hate.

I found I had better luck if I ate tiny meals and snacks all day long, and I kept track of what my stomach could do. The more bland the better! Hard-boiled eggs worked really well, and so did plain ground beef. Yogurt was weird, but string cheese was OK. I craved peanut butter, and my OB gave me the go-ahead, so I got single-serving tubs and had some every day.

Feel free to PM and I'll send you my email address, your wife can absolutely get in touch and we can commiserate and I can think of more things that helped :)

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