on 4/23/11 5:45 am - CA
 I am 2 days from getting my sleeve, on a liquid diet and starving. i feel angry when I get so hungry and grumpy. Please tell me after my surgery I will not feel this hunger when I have to be on this diet? Can I get some feedback from anyone who has experience with this...
on 4/23/11 6:03 am
I had to do the liquid diet the day before my surgery. I was very hungry. To keep it under control though I stayed in the house and on the computer. I tried not to think about food and when i got hungry drank as much water as I could.
on 4/23/11 6:05 am
Totally went through that. It was less after the surgery, but was hungry before got the OK for soft foods again. It's a temporary discomfort for long term gains. 2 months post op on Monday and wish I'd done it sooner!!
Keep on with your program, you can do this!!
on 4/23/11 6:06 am - MN
You must be doing the 2 week liquid diet. I didn't have to do it. My surgeon doesn't require it. Instead, I was required to lose weight on my own before scheduling surgery. Most require you to lose weight some way or another.

Right after surgery you won't want anything to eat or drink. You'll be happy about that. By the time you get home, you'll still be on clear liquids for a period of time - what ever your surgeon's program is. Again, it varies. If you're like a lot of VSGers you will have lost your hunger. That's a plus when you have VSG. That said, I did want food of some kind. Not because I was hungry, exactly. But I felt empty. When I got to do full liquids and purees, that satisfied me. I did very well on that phase and was in no hurry to move on to soft foods.

Hang in there for 2 more days. I know it's really hard to do. But soon you won't even be interested in eating.

5'5"  Age 63  HW 212  SW 200 Currently 8 pounds below goal

sleeve genie
on 4/23/11 6:11 am - Alhambra, CA
Yeah, congratulations on your surgery, best thing i ever did.   Pre op hunger is way different from post op,  i still got/get hungry but its no where near like pre op.  its more you feel kinda empty and once you eat a small portion you're good to go.  First couple of weeks is the hardest but so worth it.   walk, sip rest and repeat   :o) jeani
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on 4/23/11 6:36 am

I am also two days away from getting my sleeve and on the liquid diet. Monday will all clear liquids and nothing after midnight...Surgery Tuesday am.

It is hard, I really want a food funeral today/tonight...I tell myself that its only once and its the last chance I'll have to eat normally again. THEN I go and look at myself in the mirror, or watch the scene in the "Nutty Professor" with Eddie Murphy---> when Klump goes to the night club on a date and the comedian Reggie tears his chunky ass up!

Reggie (Dave Chapelle)
"What would you DO for a Klondike bar!"
"If ya wear a red shirt all the kids in the hood shout..Kool-Aid!"
"You got more crack than HarIem. Look at that!"
"Boy's so fat, every time he turns around, it's his birthday!"
"Got to put his beIt on with a boomerang.
"Last time this brother feIt a breast, it was in a bucket of K.F.C.
"Now we know what's eating GiIbert Grape!"

Stick it out...I will!
best of luck--


VSG Surgery on April 26th, 2011
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on 4/23/11 6:53 am - MD
 My surgery is monday and I can't even think about food. So doing liquids all day will be fine with me.
Kristy R.
on 4/23/11 7:33 am - Santa Clara, CA
 About a week after surgery I started getting hungry again, but was satisfied with whatever thinned out/mushie delight I could have.  I understand that some people never have the benefit of the ghrelin thing..and sometimes it takes a while for it to level out. I hope I get to a place where I am less hungry.  I don't really have an appetite, but I do get hungry..if that makes sense.
~Kristy~ VSG 3/29/11 ~ 15 pounds lost pre-op, SW - 240/GW - 150
on 4/23/11 8:34 am - Irvine, CA
 Im on a clera liquis as we speak and Im drinking Protein Drinks ( Pure Blitz30 mg) and Clear brother (Trader Joes) and Sugar Free popsicles and lots of water =) 

XOXO Thanks for the Support            
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