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My drs office called me today and left a message that they want to move my date up to 10/7 and if I want to take it I have to start my preop diet TONIGHT. They gave me a list of all the things I can have but if anyone has any tips on things to make thi

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I am scheduled for surgery on 10/21 and have several health issues that have been the primary reason for my decision. I am hoping mine will go away but was wondering how many here had them and no longer do since they had surgery.

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With my surgery date on the books I am getting more and more centered and starting to get things ready for when I am home from the hospital. I have all the necessary foods for my two week pre diet and have started stocking some of the post diet foods.

Alexpope wrote Mind made up. Let's do this...... 1 week, 2 days ago

I am on the books for an October 21st surgery date and I am so ready for this new chapter. I have been looking into surgery for a while and thought I knew all I needed to know but then I found this...

Alexpope posted a discussion topic 1 week, 2 days ago

hey all I am new and have been going through the forum for a few days now and it has made me a bit more confused than I was before. My dr left the decision up to me on which procedure I wanted to have since my insurance will cover either of them. I opt

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