Move in with my Aunt

Sep 18, 2022

I have some sad news  but will be beneficial for me , my kids, and my weight loss journey. We will be moving to New York with my aunt so I can get away from the negative vibes in Texas and have a fresh start in New York with my aunt. To me moving in with my aunt will help me with my weight loss journey because she had gastric bypass surgery and lose over 100 pounds so she will be a key to my journey on getting health. Wish me luck. 


I finally decided what surgery im going to get!

Sep 15, 2022

After doing some research on weight loss surgery and figure out what surgery was right for me i finally decided which one im going to have. At first i was going to pick gastric bypass surgery because my aunt had it done lose 160 lbs, but she told me bypass is not for everyone and since I have bigger bmi and weight over 500 lbs, She told i should do some research on Duodenal Switch. So i did my research on it and I said that's the surgery going to get my life back. So i hope soon or in future i will have surgery. Also any who DS surgery could you tell your experience with the surgery.


Hi I'm new here on Obesity Help

Sep 10, 2022

Hi I'm CamIla Petrea 28 year old formal tattoo artists, and single mom of two wonderful children Gwen 12, Ace 4 from Irving Texas and I'm on here for some support and get help because 589 lbs life is miserable I can't be mom that my kids deserve to have And I can't do my second favorite thing being a tattoo artist and share my art to the world.


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Sep 10, 2022
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